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  • scrivere cosa viene detto in un dialogo:)

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potete scrivermi quello che viene detto in questo dialogo...grazie:)

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Now, Sue, we’ve been looking through your application, and we’d like to check some information.
Yes, of course.
So, you’re 22.
Yes, that’s right.
And you’re currently working in a restaurant in Manchester?
Yes, I’ve been working there as a waitress for a year.
Can you tell me about your other work experience?
Well, when I left school, I got a job for a year as an attendant in a swimming pool.
Then, I worked as a social activities organizer, for Saint Mary’s school of English in Canterbury for two years; my duty has included taking the students to the cinema and playing sports, things like that’s ; I also worked in the office, doing the bookings.
Fine. And was with international students?
Yes, mostly from Japan and China. Then I was a tourist guide for two years, I’ve still in Canterbury.
I see. And what do you think your skills and qualities are?
Well, I’m a very patient person and also quite enthusiastic.
Do you think you’re reliable?
Yes, I do, I’ve never missed a day’s work because of illness, and I’m very honest and punctual. I’ve got lots of experience in organizing and dealing with people.
Mmh. One last question: what do you think is your main weakness?
That’s a difficult question…probably the fact that I don’t have the specific qualification that you require; as you know, I left school with two DCSs’
Yes, I saw that. In English and Maths.
But I think I make up for that with my enthusiasm and I work well as ??
Thank you Sue, very interesting. We’ll be making a decision towards the end of the week and we’ll let you know.

Dove ho messo i punti interrogativi è perché mi è sfuggita la parola, se qualcuno riesce a capirla mi fa un favore :D
Questo topic è bloccato, non sono ammesse altre risposte.
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