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potete per favore aiutarmi a cambiare un po' le parole del testo ma che comunque il senso rimanga lo stesso?? è importante perchè mi serve per l'interrogazione! vi prego è urgentissimo! grazie in anticipo

Romantic poetry
First-generation Romantic. within the first Romantic generation, William Blake was in many ways an isolated figure and a precursor. He was a self-taught poet but his poems are only apparently simple. His song of Innocence portray the unfallen state of Man and contain "happy song/ Every child may joy to hear". To these Blake added a second group of poems which deal with the presence of evil and injustice in the world, thus giving a more complete and complex picture of reality. the two states, innocence and experience, are for Blake complementary: the lamb of his poem presupposes the tiger, and viceversa. he also wrote on social problems, like the impossible working conditions of children described in The Chimney Sweeper.
English Romanticism may be said to really begin with the publication of Lyrical Ballads, a collection of poems written together by William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge at the time when they Lake District.
Wordsworth contributed poems which are Romantic in spirit, subject matter and language. they are mostly about the countryside and its simple folks, and man's communion with nature as in I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud and Tintern Abbey. in the famous Preface to Lyrical Ballads - considered the manifesto of English Romanticism- Wordsworth explained his preference for ordinary subjects and ordinary language; he also stated that poetry is the "spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings", and that these originate from “emotions recollected in tranquillity”. Wordsworth was also very influential with some of his later poems such as Intimations of Immortality where he sings of the child in its primitive innocence and endowed with powers of perception greater than those of an adult. To Lyrical Ballads Coleridge contributed poems on supernatural and magical subjects, such as The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, his most famous poem; Kubla Khan was another such poem, set in an exothic half-magical land. These and other works by Coleridge make up his “demonic poems”, as they are called, which explore an important area of Romantic sensibility. Together, Wordsworth and Coleridge embody the two soul of English Romanticism: the ordinary world and the supernatural and magical- as Coleridge himself remarked in his critical work Biographia Literaria.

Second-generation Romantics. The most representative figure of the second generation was Lord Byron. He embodied, both in his life and works, the aspirations of the generation brought up with the ideals of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Age. He was a living legend throughout Europe, and died in Greece fighting for the cause of Greek indipendence. He became famous for his long narrative poems, Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage and Don Juan; they are tales of adventure in exotic lands, and their heroes all resemble Buron himself: bold, impetuous, rebels against social codes and hypocrisy. A close friend of Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley also led a typically Romantic life of scandal and exile: he left England due to his anarchist and atheist ideas, as well as because of his unconventional lifestyle. In Italy he wrote his best poems: lyrics and odes which link Nature with Mna’s ideals of freedom and happiness; and longer works such us Prometheus Unbound, a verse play in which he reworks the Greek myth to depict man’s eternal struggle against the higher powers that threatenhis aspirations to infinity. John Keats too died young abroad, in Rome, of consuption. His sufferings – due to very poor health and unhappy love- and a sense of impeding death are reflected in his great odes. He joined an acute awareness of life’s brevity with a belief in the ethical value of beauty, which is eternal: the supreme symbolof this is his Grecian urn, where the classically beautiful scenes of life, death and love painted on the vase are seen as forever suspended in time. In a ballad like La Belle Dame Sans Merci Keats showed his love of Romantic subjects: a young man caught in the spell of a beautiful but evil lady.
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