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Favourite things
Teenagers nowadays have their favourite hobbies which are different from one another, here we have three students from New Orleans College that told us what their favourite things are. Simon said he likes cycling and he loves his mountain bike which he described as old, but fantastic and good to ride on. Every week he and his friends go mountain biking in the hills near his hometown. 100km was the averaged length he could reach cycling per week. To him sports like tennis and cycling represents a great way to stay fit and healthy (in other words to keep away from negative reports from the doctors) and he's a fan of Wimbledon tennis tournament.
Karen loves listening to all kinds of music (R&B, Hip-Hop, Souls, Blues you name it) but she adores Pop music especially the first album released by the Artic Monkey from Sheffield to which she's attached to. She's got different albums on her MP3 player but still prefers listening to this old but classic album.
Lulu and Anna said their favourite thing is showing love to animals and they have a dog called Ollie. They take her for walks, to play in the parks etc. Ollie is part of the family and she's also becoming a star on the Internet. Lulu and Anna are also into photography and have a collection of Ollie's photos. They opened a website dedicated to Ollie and they spend time updating the website with new pictures of the dog. This they regard as their hobby and favourite thing.

se vuoi qualcos'altro non esitare a chiedere,
Ciao Silver! :hi :hi

Calipse001 - Ominide - 17 Punti
Grazie mille é perfetto
Questo topic è bloccato, non sono ammesse altre risposte.
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