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Chi mi potrebbe riassumere questo testo in italiano? (se è possibile pure in inglese)
Chiedo il riassunto ridotto all'osso, proprio il minimo indispensabile!
Grazie, Chrollo


Scotland is the northern part of the Great Britain and includes 790 islands , the most famous of which are the Shetlands , the Orkneys and the Hebrides. It is a hilly country with the mountainous Highlands in the north and the hilly Uplands in the south. There is a population of over 5 million and most people live in or near the largest cities , which are in the Lowlands in the centre of the country.

Scotland was first decisively settled after the end of the last glacial period roughly 10,000 years ago. Prehistoric Scotland entered the Neolithic Era about 4000BC, the Bronze Age about 2000 BC and the Iron Age around 700BC.The recorded history of Scotland begins with the arrival of the Roman Empire in the 1st century. The Roman Emperor Hadrian (7-138 A.D.)built a wall from Carlisle to Newcastle to keep out the wild Scottish tribes (the Picts and the Scots). During the 5th-7th centuries the Saxons crossed the wall and made a new border from Carlisle to the mouth of the Tweed. In the 9th century the Kingdoms of Scotland united. After the Norman Conquest (1066) many English families left England and settled in the Scottish Lowlands. For this reason the High-landers consider themselves the true Scots. In the 13th century England tried to conquer Scotland and there were many fierce battles.For several centuries the two countries fought each other and peace and order came only in the 16th century under the rule of King James VI. In 1707 Scotland underwent complete union with the English Parliament at Westminster but rebellions continued.In the 18th century, to stop these rebellions, the English decided to destroy Scottish culture, dress and language and many Scots emigrated to Canada,America,Australia and New Zealand. After 40 years this so-called “Disarming Act “ was repealed. Scotland has always maintained a certain autonomy; for example, Scottish law is different from that of England and the education system is different, too. In 1997 the Scottish and the Welsh voted to have separate parliaments from England (this is called devolution) and in 1999 the first Scottish parliament in 294 years was elected.The Parliament can decide most of its own laws but is still dependent on the British Parliament for certain issues such as war and national security. The Scottish National Party (SNP) hoped that Scotland became completely independent. The Scottish independence referendum took place in Scotland on 18 September 2014.The independence referendum question,which voters answered with “yes” or “no” was “Should Scotland be an independent

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Entro sta sera, perchè ho l'interrogazione domani (e oltre questo ci sono altri dialoghi e testi, per cui mi sto studiando la restante parte del programma e lascio a voi questo..)

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Da Scotland fino a in the South.
Prehistoric Scotland fino 700 BC.
In the 9th century fino a fierce battles.
In the 18th century fino a New Zealand.
In 1997 fino elected.
The Scottish National fino alla fine.
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