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Ciao ragà, ho svolto questo riassunto sul Romanticismo e volevo chiedervi se potevate controllare gli ortografia:

The Romanticism.
The Romanticism is a cultural moviment which was born at the end of Seventeen Century. It's characterized by French Revolution and the fall of absolute monarchy and by the industrializzation. The agective " Romantic" inspired temes and atmosphere of many romance of chivarly(ROMANZO CAVALLERESCO). In fact this kind of novel reported incredible stories, impossible exploits(IMPRESE) and adventure to limits of imagination and fantasy. So all that was irrational and fantastic were considered " Romantic". THe intellectuals didn't jet belive in Science and Reason, but in fantasy, imagination, mystery of art.
There was a contact between the nature and poets because he was afraid for industrialization, and hunted by ugly cities and he looked for a refuge and a protection iin the nature. Other poets, instead, looked for those in the medieval History or in "ARTIFICIAL PARADISE".
THe poetry is melancholy(malinconica),sad and anxiety and expressed the conflict between poets and his contemporaney society.

William Blake
William Blake is one of most important poet of Romanticism. He broke with traditional schemes, with poetry of Eighteen centry, neoclassic and Rococò, didattic poetry. The differences aren't only in formal aspect(vivacity of word, musicality of verse), but also in ideological and philosophy principles.
Blake fighted aganist rationalism and empiricism: they was represented in mathematic and mechanicistc vision of world and in deism. Instead he revolued the importance of inspiration and vision, belived in the figure of poet like a prophet and, like all romantic poets, exalted the imagination. Blake said that imagination let know the absolute knowledge to man. So his concept of art is like sacred-religious. Then revoluted also Middle Age and Gothic world. His poetry is prophetic and delineated an existence rich in symbol.
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