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Ragazzi avrei bisogno del riassunto in inglese di questo libro.
Deve essere in un inglese abbastanza facile.
L'edizione è blackcat
L'autore: Robert Louis Stevenson.
Grazie mille.
Ciao :hi
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The book opens in a seaside inn named Admiral Benbow Inn, where the protagonist, Jim Hawkins is writing down his experience about his voyage to Treasure Island.

There is a series of strange occurrences at the inn. Like the arrival of the mysterious Captain Billy Bones with his old sea chest; Black Dog visiting him; Old Pew’s visit to deliver a note; Billy Bones and Jim’s father death; Jim’s mother insistence to open Billy Bones sea chest to recover their money and thereupon finding the map to the fabled treasure of the pirate Captain Flint, which is located on Skeleton Island in the West Indies (Treasure Island); Old Pew’s return to find the map and destruction of the Admiral Benbow Inn. All these incidents take Jim away from the calm country life of Black Hill Cove to a voyage to the Treasure Island with Squire Trewlany and Dr. Livesey.

Jim is appointed as a cabin boy for the voyage on the Hispaniola. During their voyage he accidentally overhears a conspiracy being planned by Long John Silver. As a result, his functions on the ship takes on a different role. The invaluable information about an inevitable mutiny, when passed on to his friends makes Jim a young hero. He is entrusted with more responsibilities, like that of a grown up man.

During his lonely adventurous pursuit on the island, Jim gets a first hand glimpse of death and danger. He also meets the only human inhabitant of Treasure Island, Ben Gunn, an Englishman marooned by his fellow sailors three years ago. The narrative is continued by the doctor at this stage, Jim being stranded on the island with Ben Gunn gives completeness to the overall plot. He writes about the stockade, their abandoning of the ship after filling the stockade with necessary provisions by making several trips on a boat from the Hispaniola to land and later on abandoning the same boat after their first attack.

Jim joins his friends at the stockade and informs them about Ben Gunn and his demand. By this time, the mutineers are in control of the ship. The possibility of a bloody fight is strengthened when Long John Silver refuses the Captain’s proposal to surrender.

The fight begins. There are casualties on both the sides. After the first round of attack the Captain and his men are in a superior position over their enemy.

Jim's adventurous spirit doesn’t allow him to rest. So as soon he gets a chance, he embarks on another lonely expedition. This time, he is stranded in the ocean after he cuts the Hispaniola free of its anchor. When he is unable to make it back to land, he is lucky and he gets close to the ship. He goes onboard and takes control of the Hispaniola all by himself.

The story takes a strange twist when he walks into the enemy camp, again by accident. Jim finds out that the whole scene had changed during his absence. Long John Silver and his men are now in charge of the stockade. He wonders if his friends are dead but he is delighted to find Dr. Livesey. When Long John Silver’s men turn their backs against him, Silver begs Jim to save him from the gallows. In return, he promises Jim safety.

The deal works out well as the pirates planned to kill Long John Silver when they find out that the treasure of Captain Flint has already been unearthed.

Now Dr. Livesey, Abraham Gray, and Ben Gunn come forward to ‘help’ the pirates. The doctor tells them that the treasure is safe in Ben Gunn’s cave. Meanwhile, Jim finds heaps of gold coins and gold bars when he enters the cave. They decide to maroon the three escaped pirates on the island after loading the ship with the treasure. On their first stop in a port in America, Long John Silver escapes with 300-400 Gold guineas, never to return. The crew returns safely to Bristol.

Fonte: http://thebestnotes.com/booknotes/Treasure_Island/Treasure_Island03.html

Se lo trovi troppo lungo, potresti accorciarlo.

Non penso che il riassunto sia per l'edizione citata da te, ma in ogni caso mi pare che vada bene, senno' dimmi pure.
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The book is about a treasure; the story is set in the days of sail ship and pirates and it tells of the adventure of Jim Hawkins, a young boy who lives in a plain way with his mother in his parents’ inn, ‘The Admiral Benbow’.

One day arrives at the inn a mysterious man called Bill. He’s looking for a quiet and peaceful place because he wants to hid a se-chest. He rents a room at the inn, pays Jim’s mother and warns Jim to keep a look out for him, especially of a sea-fearing man with one leg!

Few months later, Bill is still staying at the inn but he didn’t pay for the stay of the last months; he is drinking a lot of rum and Doctor Livesey, a family-friend of Jim’s father, who’s dead, has already gave him an advertisement : he must stop drinking do much and he must calm down.

An old, blind pirate, called ‘Blind Pew’ arrives at the inn and gives Bill the ‘Black Spot’- the mark of death among Flint’s pirate crew. Bill recognize the sign and few later he died of heart attack. Jim helped by his mother finds the key of Bill’s sea-chest and in the chest he finds a strange map, that mark the place where is hidden a treasure.

They have time to hide just before Blind Pew returns with a band of pirates. They start ransacking the inn looking for the map, but the soldiers arrive and the pirates escape except for Blind Pew, who is killed by the soldiers.

Jim takes the map to doctor Livsey and Squire Trelawney and they decide to go and find the treasure. Squire Trelawney obtain a ship, the Hispaniola, and few weeks later they sail from Bristol. Captain of the ship is Captain Smollet, Telawney is the admiral, the doctor is the ship’s doctor and Jim a cabin boy. Jim meets Long John Silver, the famous old pirate with one leg, who is the cook on the ship and he’s in company with a strange parrot, that repeats all the time ‘pieces of eight’…

The captain doesn’t trust the crew and he’s right because some members of the crew heard about the treasure and they’re organizing a mutiny. However, the night before they land on the treasure island Jim falls in an apple barrel and discovers that Silver and other members of the crew are plotting to kill them all. He realizes that Silver and most of the crew are actually pirates and were once member of Flint’s crew.

Jim warns the doctor, Squire and the captain about the plans that he heard from the apple barrel. When they arrive near the island, the captain sends most of the pirates ashore as a reward and Jim decided to go with them. When they touch land, Jim hide and escape. Advanced in the forest, he meets Ben Gunn, a strange and wild man, who was marooned on the island three years ago by his crew mates. Ben promise to help Jim and his friends and he shows Jim where can he find a boat if he’ll need it. Meanwhile, the captain and the others have abandoned the Hispaniola and taken refuge in an old stockade, built by Flint’s crew, on the island. Jim finds them and they decided reinforce them because they know the pirates will attack them.

The pirates quickly understand that their plans has been discovered and Silver goes to the stockade with a flag of truce and ask to talk with the captain : he tries to contracts an agreement for their benefit but the captain is inflexible. Silver turn back and they start the fight : the pirates attack the captain and the others in an attempt to get the treasure map. Jim and the other defend themselves and only the captain is wounded at the shoulder.

Finished the attack, the doctor go to lookup for Benn Gunn and Jim decides to escape from the stockade and sneaks off without telling the others. He finds Ben Gunn’s boat and arrives at the Hispaniola, throw Israel Hands in the water and take the control of the ship. He anchor the ship in an inlet so that the pirates can’t see it. He returns to the stockade but here he finds Silver and his mates. Jim is captured and is given the choice to join them. When he refuses the pirates want to kill him but Silver talks them out of it. Silver tells Jim that the doctor has given him the map and also abandoned the stockade in exchange for being allowed to go free.

The doctor came to the stockade and ask to talk with Jim; Silver let him to go to talk with the doctor but Jim must promise that he won’t try to escape. The doctor try to convince him to escape but he gave his word. Jim tells the doctor that he has taken the ship and hide it.

The doctor makes sure that Jim is in good hands with Silver and then goes back. Silver makes Jim understand that now he is on his side and together with the pirates they start the search for the treasure. First on their way they find a skeleton that points a way; they’re a little bit frightened but they continue the search. Then they hear somebody singing but they don’t recognize the voice of Benn Gunn.

Finally, they arrive on the marked point but there is no treasure!! They start digging but they find only two guineas… they start being angry with Silver and in this moment arrives doctor Livsey with Benn Gunn. Benn Gunn during his stay on the island found the place where the treasure was hidden and start digging. He makes of the hollow his refuge.

To finish the pirate are killed by the doctor and Silver with Jim and the others returns on the Hispaniola back to England. No one ever hears of Long John Silver again.

mitica96 - Genius - 3188 Punti
Grazie mille a tutte e due :)
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