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riassunto libro in inglese a midsummer night's dream con analisi dei personaggi! grazie
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Riassunto in inglese:
Theseus, the Duke of Athens, is preparing for his marriage to Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, A courtier seeks the Duke's intervention because his daughter, Hermia, will not agree to his choice of Demetrius as a husband: she's in love with Lysander. The Duke tells Hermia to obey her father, or either die or accept a life as a nun in Diana's temple. Lysander and Hermia plan to elope, and they tell Helena, who is in love with Demetrius, but he hates her and loves Hermia. The lovers run away from Athens but get lost in the woods. They are followed by Demetrius, and then by Helena, who has told him of their intentions.

Oberon, king of the fairies, who lives in the woods, has quarrelled with his queen, Titania, over an Indian boy she refuses to give him. Oberon overhears Helena and Demetrius arguing and sends his mischievous servant, Puck, to get a flower whose juice has the power to make people fall in love with the first creature they see when the juice is placed on their eyelids while asleep. He instructs Puck to put some drops on Demetrius' eyes. Mistaking the Athenian he seeks, Puck puts the flower juice on the eyes of the sleeping Lysander so that when he is woken by Helena he immediately falls in love with her and rejects Hermia.

Some artisans are rehearsing a play about the tragic love-story of Pyramus and Thisbe to present before Theseus on his wedding day. Bottom, the weaver, is to play the lover, Pyramus, while Flute, the bellows-mender, is to play Thisbe. The others play the parts of the Moon, the Wall and the Lion and they are directed by Quince, the carpenter. Puck overhears their rehearsals in the wood and he plays a trick on them by giving Bottom an ass's head which frightens the others away. Bottom is lured towards the sleeping Titania whom Oberon has treated with the flower juice. On waking, she falls in love with the ass and entertains him with her fairies, but when Bottom falls asleep beside her, Oberon restores Titania's sight and wakes her. She is appalled at the sight of what she has been in love with and is reunited with Oberon.

Puck removes the ass's head and Bottom returns to Athens and rejoins his friends as they prepare to perform their play. Meanwhile the lovers' arguments tire them out as they chase one another through the woods and when Demetrius rests, Oberon puts magic juice on his eyes so that both he and Lysander pursue Helena until the four lovers fall asleep, exhausted. Puck puts juice on Lysander's eyes before the lovers are woken by Theseus and Hippolyta and their dawn hunting party. Happily reunited to each other, Lysander with Hermia, Demetrius with Helena, they agree to share the Duke's wedding day. The rustics perform the play of Pyramus and Thisbe before the wedding guests. As the three couples retire Puck and the fairies return to bless the palace and its people.


THESEUS, Duke of Athens

HIPPOLYTA, Queen of the Amazons, betrothed to Theseus

EGEUS, Father to Hermia

LYSANDER, DEMETRIUS, in love with Hermia

PHILOSTRATE, Master of the Revels to Theseus

HERMIA, Daughter to Egeus, in love with Lysander

HELENA, in love with Demetrius

QUINCE, a Carpenter

SNUG, a Joiner

BOTTOM, a Weaver

FLUTE, a Bellows-mender

SNOUT, a Tinker


OBERON, King of the Fairies

TITANIA, Queen of the Fairies

PUCK, or Robin Goodfellow



FairiesOther Fairies attending on their King and Queen Attendants on Theseus and Hippolyta


Ecco a te.

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Non ti ho chiesto se ti serviva in italiano o in inglese. Comunque se ti servisse in italiano ecco qua:

Due giovani, Lisandro e Demetrio, sono innamorati di Ermia, una ragazza che ama Lisandro. Il padre di Ermia però vuole che sua figlia sposi Demetrio e perciò la ragazza e Lisandro scappano in un bosco seguiti da Demetrio e un’ amica di Ermia innamorata di lui: Elena.
Intanto Oberon e Titania, re e regina delle fate, litigano e perciò Oberon chiede a Puck di mettere una pozione negli occhi di Titania per farla innamorare della prima persona che avrebbe incontrato. La prima persona incontrata da Titania è Bottom, un attore a cui Puck per fare uno scherzo ha trasformato la testa come quella di un asino. Però Oberon non chiede a Puck di mettere la pozione solo negli occhi di Titania, ma anche in quelli di Demetrio per farlo innamorare di Elena;
per errore Puck mette la pozione non negli occhi di Demetrio ma in quelli di Lisandro che si innamora di Elena. Oberon quando si accorge dell’ errore di Puck mette la pozione anche negli occhi di Demetrio che ora litiga con Lisandro per Elena e non per Ermia. Alla fine Oberon fa mettere tutto a posto da Puck che lo fa riconcigliare con Titania, fa in moto che Lisandro non sia più innamorato di Elena e ridà una testa normale a Bottom.


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A midsummer night's dream was written when Shakespeare was composing Romeo and Juliet.
Initially written for a marriage it was subsequently represented in public.
You realizes with this work the ideal of romantic comedy of William Shakespeare, the fundamental elements of this new kind are the fortune of love and the humours of the characters.
This comedy has a lyric tone and is in the sometime a dream and a comic representation of the irresponsible young love.
The work presents various interlacements, but that are all linked with the marriage between Teseo and Ippolita.
They are very conflicting, sentimentally speaking, the female figure and that masculine: the women result to be faithful and men inconstant, but this is because of the sorceries of the elfish Puk.
The history is turning in the ancient Athens, in an imaginary world, and in the real world, among the woods of the Greek city.
All the characters fairytale derive from the English popular tradition, while the real characters from the Latin author Ovidio. In the work there is also the use of masks typical of the theatre of Plauto.

• The men and women in the play of high social class:
o Lysander, beloved of Hermia
o Hermia, beloved of Lysander
o Helena, in love with Demetrius
o Demetrius, in love with Hermia but then falls in love with Helena later on.
o Egeus, father of Hermia.
o Theseus, Duke of Athens, good friend of Egeus
o Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons and betrothed of Theseus
• Nick Bottom, weaver; he plays Pyramus in the troupe's production of "Pyramus and Thisbe," and gets a donkey head put on him by Puck so that Titania will magically fall in love with a monster.
• The supernatural characters:
o Puck, a.k.a. Hobgoblin or Robin Goodfellow; a faun, servant to Oberon
o Oberon, King of Fairies
o Titania, Queen of Fairies

Theseus, duke of Athens, is marrying Ippolita queen of the Amazons.
Hermia enters with her father. She must marry Demetrius, but it she refused because she is in love with Lysander. But the duke tells her that if she won’t marry him, she will be killed or put in a convent. She went out and meets her boy-friend, Lysander.
They plan to run away and to marry in the wood with the help of Helena, a friend of Hermia, in love with Demetrius. Enter five stall-holdres, that have decided to put on a comedy for the marriage of Theseus. The comedy they decided to put on is Pyramus and Thisbe. They divided the parts and get appointment in the wood the following day to try the comedy. Oberon sees Helena race behind Demetrius, who is looking for Hermia, and he decides to help her. Puck returns with the flower and tells him to put the juice in the eyes of Titania and Demetrius.
Oberon puts the juice in the eyes of Titania. Enter Lysander and Hermia. They are very tired for the long walk and they decide to sleep there. Puck arrives and thinking that Lysander is Demetrius, put the juice on his eyes.Oberon puts the juice in the eyes of Titania.
Enter five-holdres. They must try the comedy. Bottom goes out from the scene and when he returns he has ass’s hears.

All run away and he remains alone. He is near Titania.
Titania wake up, she sees him and she fall in love with him. Hermia accuses Demetrius to have killed Lysander. Then she go away and she leaves him only. He fall asleep.Oberon puts the juice on his eyes. Lysander and Helena enter. Demetrius is waked up and sees Helena. He fall in love with her. Hermia returns and she thinks to a game oh Helena. You/they quarrel and Oberon put to sleep them. Oberon brake the spell. Oberon puts to sleep Titania and Bottom and he breaks the spell. Now Oberon and Titania are friends and Botton has returned normal. Theseus finds Hermia and Lysander, Helena and Demetrius. Now they are friends and there will be a triple marriage for the following day. Bottom returns to Athens and goes from his friends to begin the representation.
Afetr Puck enters and says that everything is a mid-summer night dream.

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se lo vuoi in inglese:
i personaggi:
Puck o Robin Goodfellow
Oberon, Re delle Fate
Titania, Regina delle Fate
Lisandro, innamorato di Ermia
Demetrio, innamorato di Ermia
Ermia, innamorata di Lisandro
Elena, innamorata di Demetrio
Egeo, padre di Ermia
Teseo, Duca di Atene
Ippolita, Regina delle Amazzoni e sposa di Teseo
Nick Bottom, tessitore (Fondo)
Peter Quince, carpentiere (Cotogna)
Francis Flute, riparatore di mantici (Flauto)
Robin Starveling, sarto (Morto di fame)
Snug, falegname (Placido)
[Filostrato]], Signore delle Feste
Peaseblossom, fata (Fior di Pisello)
Cobweb, fata (Ragnatela)
Moth (o 'Mote'), fata (Tignola)
Mustardseed, fata (Seme di Senape)

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hanno già detto tutto ed è inutile voglio ricordare l'educazione e le due paroline magiche(perfavore, grazie)
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