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potete aiutarmi a fare un riassunto d' inglese di questo testo?!?
the entire history of Ireland is marked by bitter confrontations between the Catholic Irish and the Protestant English. In 1921 the English granted self-government to the 26 counties which later became the Republic of Ireland; the remaining six northern counties, Northern Ireland or Ulster, where Protestants were in the majority, remained an integral part of the United Kingdom. Ulster occupies the north-eastern part of Ireland and is separated from Britain by the North Channel and the Irish Sea. Its central area is a plain surrounding a lake, Lough Neagh, the largest lake of the United Kingdom. Like the rest of Ireland, Ulster has a rainy climate, made warmer by the influence of the Gulf Stream. The development of Belfast as an industrial centre began at the end of the 18th century when great importance was given to its textile industries and to the harbour.
crazy_siren - Sapiens Sapiens - 904 Punti
The Irish history is characterized by the bitter confrontation between Irish Catholics and English Protestants. In 1921 26 counties became indipendente and later they formed the Republic of Ireland. Northern Ireland and Ulster, which occupy the north-eastern part of Ireland, are divoded from UK by North Channel and the Irish sea. Here there were a majority of Protestants and they remained a part of the United KIngdom. In the central area of Ulster there is a large lake, Lough Neagh. Ulster has a rainy climate, made warmer by the Gulf Stream. In Belfast, from the 18th century, textile industries' development began and harbour became very important.

Ci ho provato... C saranno sicuramente degli errori gramaticali perchè l'ho fatto senza vocabolario... Vedi se va bene...
Burdella - Sapiens Sapiens - 822 Punti
The Protestant Northern Ireland or Ulster which occupies the north-easten part of Ireland, has always been an integral part of the United Kingdom, but the Republic of Ireland was granted self-government in 1921.The central area of Ulster is a plain surrounding a lake Lough Neagh and it has a rainy climate. The industrial centre is Belfast.
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