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aiutatemi vi prego entro stasera! mi serve un riassunto di 16 righe in inglese del libro the canterville ghost!!
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ecco vedi la parte in fondo ..
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All the people said that the Canterville Chase was hunted, but Mr Otis, the American Ambassador, decided however to buy it because he didn’t mind about ghosts. When he arrived at the Chase with all his family, the old housekeeper led them into the library for a tea. There, near the fireplace there was a dark bloodstain. It was the blood of Lady Eleonore the Canterville who had been murdered by her husband in 1575.Sir Simon’s guilty spirit still hunted the Chase. Mr Otis tried to clean it with his “Pinkerton’s Wonder Stain Cleaner”, but the next morning the stain was there again. That night Mr Otis was woken by a strange noise , it was the ghost with his heavy and rusty chains. Mr Otis offered him a bottle of “Smith’s Rising Sun Oil”. The ghost watched him with his burning eyes in a state of shock and anger, then disappeared. Someone had never hurt his pride in such a way. The ghost then made his terrible and threatening laugh, but Mrs Otis gave him her bottle of “Dr Dobell’s Mixture” for his stomach trouble. This last insult made him very distressed and he felt hill. Little Virginia tried to comfort him and she prayed the Death to have mercy of his soul. Virginia owed to the ghost a great deal because he made her see what Life is and what Death means, and why love is stronger than both.

Fonte :summary canterville ghost

Spero ti averti aiutato penso che vada bene ,è molto semplice e dettagliato!
Ciauuu =)

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