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  • riassunto breve in inglese x domani help me pleaseeeeee

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luca91 - Genius - 3124 Punti
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mi potreste fare un riassunto breve x ogni personaggio.
x favore
grazie mille
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DeFoe's works are written in the form of diaries or autobiographies to make them more realistic. In his works ther is no plot, and the protagonists must struggle to overcome misfortunes.

Swift was an important satirist and journalist. He wrote "Gulliver's Travels", that was initially received as a fable for children.Swift used properties of his fantastic worlds to explore psychological themes.

Richardson wrote novels, in the form of letters.
Especially his principal work, Clarissa, is the first novel in history of literature to have a domestic setting.
In his novels, he debates about the roles of men and women in society.


Fielding is the father of the English comic novel. In Tom Jones, he invented a very complex plot involving many characters that went beyond the episodic setting of previous novels.
This enabled him to describe the life of society.

Sterne's main experimental novel, Tristram Shandy, had a more lasting influence then other books of Modernist writers. Sterne's work is referred to as an anti-novel because it ignores the realist conventions.
luca91 - Genius - 3124 Punti
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grazie mille k@
sei bravissima
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Brava K@!
Chiudo :hi
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