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Ragaaaaaaaaaa io e una mia amica dmn abbiamo una interrogazione di inglese e abbiamo appena saputo di dover fare un piccolo riassuntino di qst testo:

Special effects are unusual images or sounds that have been produced artificially for use in a film or television programme. There are a variety of special effects both man-made and computer-generated. Man-made effects include those produced by spreading a thick white liquid called latex over a person’s face and/or body to create “real” monsters, or using tubes and machines to “make” rain, snow, wind and fire, as well as by using pyrotechnic machines and blood bags to create explosions and bloody bullet hits. Probably more sensational are those computer-generated special effects to produce animation and a whole world of illusions to bring dreams and fantasies alive or to delve into the possibilities that the future holds for us. Some important films along the special effects timeline are The King movie( 1933), San Francisco Disaster( 1936), and the more recent Star Wars(1977), Superman, E.T(1982),Ghostbusters(1984) Back to the future( 1985), Toy Story( 1996), Twister(1996), Titanic( 1997) and The Day After Tomorrow(2004).
Special effects began way back in the 1700s, before the invention of the camera, when magicians used special techniques to perform optical illusions to awe their audiences. Two centuries later, in 1895, the first motion picture show as performed. Thirty-two years after that, motion pictures added the sound element and then around the middle of the 20 th century, color and additional special effects became essential parts of motion pictures.
However, the greatest innovation in the story of special effects came about in the 20 th century with advanced technology and computers. They revolutionized special effects in the film-making industry. Nowadays, with CGI, computer-generated imagery, people building animals, monsters, aliens and many other elements can be created and bought to life in an instant by touching a button on a keyboard. Why have special effects been used in film-making in the past and will probably continue to used in the future? Why re-enact the sinking of the Titanic or recreate the Colosseum in movies? The answer is obvious! Because people want to be entertained, and special effects add interest and excitement to movies. In other words, they make movies entertaining. They make the impossible possible. If special effects had not been invented, the revolution of movies would be so slow and boring that people would not be entertained by them. Today’s society needs special effects in movies because people like to get out of this world when they watch films. Special effects make everything look so real that people immediately fall for it and believe that it is all true to-life. The talented special effects technicians have found, are finding and will probably continue to find new ways to use technology and the motion picture camera to keep entertaining people in the future.

Abbiamo bisogno di 2 piccoli riassuntini...Help please!:(
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E' un riassunto parecchio stringato, ricontrollalo, l'ho fatto di corsa e senza vocabolario...
Special effects are usa in many film and telefilm, they are so variety exist two type of special effetcts:
* the man-made
* the computer-generated
The compiuter and the advanced technology revolutionized special effects in the film-making industry. Nowadays, with CGI, computer-generated a variety of different imagery. with Special effects the film and telefilms beacame so real.
PimpaNadia - Erectus - 70 Punti
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