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fare il riassunto del dialogo

kali: are they confortable molly?
molly: yes, the black ones are more confortable than the white ones
kali: great!i think they're nicer that the white ones
molly: mmm, but they're more expensive
sam: there's only £3 difference, but they're much better schoes.they're trendier than the others
molly: i can't make my mind up.i think they're a bit bigger than the white ones.have you got the white ones in a larger size?
sam: yes, here you are
molly:that's better!these are fine.what do you think,kali?be honest
kali: they're ok , but they're not as nice as the others.and look!they're made in Indonesia
sam: what's the problem with that?
kali: well,we pay £60 for the trainers, but a lot of workers in factories in Indonesia earn a lot less than that a month.and they work 7 days a's a rip-off for us, and i think it's wrong to buy them.
molly: yes, but all these trainers are the same.look!made in India, made in Vietnam, made in...
sam: actually, the black trainers are made in england.that's why they're more, which trainers do you prefer, molly?
molly: i really don't know now...

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Ciao, prova a scrivere il riassunto e postalo, poi lo correggiamo insieme. Che ne dici?
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Kali and Molly are in a shoe shop and talk about shoes.
Molly test a pair of white shoes also the black schoes are more confortable.
Kaly see Molly that white shoes are made in Indonesia and the workers are exploid and dosen’t buy them.
The black shoes are made in England and for this reason cost more.
But Molly is indecided.
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