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1) According to the text, what is the sign of a successful nation these days?
Nowadays, according to the text, being a "successful nation" simply implies a nation where people live with a high income disposal; they earn a lot and are most likely to spend a lot as well.

2) Why do young people study hard?
In most of the developed countries the younger ones study hard because they want to acquire a high position in the society one day and probably earn enough money in order to reach the life-standard of the nation.

3) What has happened in industrialised societies over the last sixty years?
According to what has been reported, over the last sixty years in various industrialized countries wealth has become an easy thing to obtain, people easily accomplish or reach their goals because they have all it takes. But it is also true that these things or possesions can't give true-happiness (because it lasts for a certain period of time).

4)What examples of material things that are associated with wealth are mentioned in the text?
Some these material things stated are: expensive jewellery, designer clothes, having a huge house or possessing a flashy car.

5) What is status anxiety?
Status anxiety is the fear or worry of appearing poorer than the people around you. In a society where everyone live up to a certain standard there are always people that are afraid to feel inferior to others because they have less clothes, jewelleries or less phones than the others and many tend to win a fortune on lottery every week.

6) What examples of non-material things that make people happy are mentioned in the text?
Examples of non-material things that make people happy are given in the text as well: a loving family, close friends, a belief, a philosophy for life. These are being referred to as things money can't buy and as pure happiness.

7) What does the text say people need to do instead of trying to buy happiness?
People need to rather work hard in order to develop a life that includes or contains people, activites (even for relaxation), and ideas (obviously not always related to strategizing on making more money).

8) According to the text, what is the difference between a good friend and money?
According to the text but also considering the lessons our life experiences teach us a good friend is a gift that may last for a whole life but money may not. A lot of people who have money, in times of difficulties, they may loose their wealth but a good friend will always remain by your side.

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