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  • Racconto su una cosa stranaaaa!!!!!!!!

lauramascolo - Ominide - 2 Punti
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Racconto su una cosa strana che è successa....tipo l'apparizione di un mostro!!!! In inglese ma anche in italiano va bene!!
Beelee - Erectus - 74 Punti
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Yesterday I was walking on a winding road when I suddenly heard a strange noise coming behind me. I was really scared and I started yelling and screaming but nobody could hear me, because I was alone.........I didn't realize that in front of me there was a monster..... :lol :lol
Bye girl.....
inter219 - Sapiens - 420 Punti
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Ciao, ho fatto anche io un testo simile per richieste che aveva come titolo "Coincidences" anche se un po' stupido spero ti sia di aiuto :)

A night during last summer, while I was sleeping in my room, I had a strange dream. I dreamt about a man who was showing me off some bedrooms, in particular one of them, because the first thing that struck me about that one was its starry-sky like ceiling.
A few days later I went on holiday to the mountains, there were a lot of museums, therefore I went visiting an astronomical one, as I would have gone there. Whilst I was wanderingg round aimlessly, I came up against a room, which contained the planetarium. That room obviously had got the walls and the ceiling coloured by the same starry-sky like shades. What amazing coincidence!

Spero di esserti stato utile, ciaoo!!
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