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Chi mi aiuta a svolgere questo questionario di inglese?
1) What did Crusoe see in the sand?
2) How did he feel immediately after?
3) How many days did he stay inside?
4) Why did he go out in the end?
5) Why didn't he use his guns?
6) Why did he begin to feel happier?
7) Imagine that you find a footprint. What do you do? Describe your reaction starting by these word: "It was a footprint- a footprint of man."

Ho risposto alla prima domanda:
1) Crusoe one day saw something in the sand. It was a footprint, the footprint of a man.
Aiutatemi a rispondere le altre, grazie mille!!!
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Ecco a te:

2)Crusoe felt afraid after he saw the footprint of an unknown man.
3)He stayed in his cave for three days.
4)He went out of his cave because he had to go to milk his goats.
5)He didn't use his guns because he didn't want any noise to be produced.
6)He began to feel happier because He saw and heard nothing more after that day.
7) risposta personale, a te l'incarico!

spero di esserti stato d'aiuto!
Carmeen13 - Sapiens - 348 Punti
Grazie mille! Volevo sapere se la prima domanda era corretta!
Questo topic è bloccato, non sono ammesse altre risposte.
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