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Quattro esercizi x domani!!
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A) The Arms Trade
B) Poverty
C) Homelessness
D) Famine

A) It is talking about a Bomb that exploded in London (Terrorism).
B) It is saying that France sold to Syria some Fighter Planes, and this will cause a bigger chance of War.
C) Is is telling us that a Asian Man was attacked by some white youths, and this is a terrible way of Racism.
D) It is saying that 100,000 People in the UK are Homeless and live on the Streets.
E) It talks about US Army invading Iraq, bringing it to the War.
F) It says that New Medicine would be able to save the World.
G) Basically, 3 Billion People in the World survive with just 2 Dollars a Day.
H) Renewable energy is, for the Scientist, the answer to climate Changes.

1) Pollution
2) Homelessness

1) Information
2) Education
3) Action
4) Suggestion
5) Sadness
6) Goodness

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