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  • Qualcuno ha dei riassunti in inglese di questi autori?

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qualcuno ha i riassunti di Joice,Orwell,Elliot e hemingway?

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Ciao lulli,

dipende che cosa intendi per riassunti, se dei loro libri o se degli autori!
Per vedere appunti su questi autori vai su queste chiavi di ricerca:


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james joice was born in Dublin in 1882. he studies at University College and he specialised in modern languages. the possession of a fine tenor voice and a strong musical talent. one june day Joyce met the woman destined to become the reference point in his emotional life: Nora Barnacle. Joyce developed a love-hate relationship with Dublin. he found a position as a teacher in Trieste in 1905 and Trieste remained the Joyces' home until 1915. he met and became friend to Italo Svevo. he published Chamber Music, a collection of poems in 1907; Dubliners in 1914; A portrait of the artist as a young man and Ulysses. ulysses was a immense artistic achievement and made Joyce internationally famous. in 1940 Joyce moved from Paris to Zurich and he died here in 1941.

Aggiunto 8 minuti più tardi:

orwell was born in India in 1903. he went in England in Eton and he impressed atmosphere snobbish and class consciousness. served Indian police and this experience increasing his hatred of class privilege and authority. in 1934 he published Burmese days, a novel. in 1933 he wrote Down and out in Paris and London; in 1937 pubblished The road to Wigan Pier. another experience is the Spanish civil war when he working as a jornalist. in 1938 he pubblished Homage to Catalonia; in 1939 he pubblished Coming up for air. during the war Orwell worked for the BBC and in 1945 appeared his most famous book, Animal farm. in 1948 he became very hill, and finished Nineteen eighty-four in 1949. he died in 1950.

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eliot was born in 1888 in missouri. he studied at Harvard. his first volume of verse, Prufrock and other observations appeared in 1917. family and financial problems and his own nervous instability led Eliot to the edge of a nervous breakdown. in this period he finished The waste land. in 1927 he became British citizenship and wa confirmed in the church of England. witn the poem Ash wednesday he finds hope in religious belief and influence of the Christian religion. in 1933 he wrote Murder in the cathedral. in 1943 he wrote Four quartets, a musical pattern. in 1948 he receved Nobel prize for literature. he pubblished The cocktail party in 1949; The confidential clerk in 1953; The elder statesman in 1958. he died in London in 1965.

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hemingway was born in Oak Park, a Chicago suburb in 1899. he worked as a cub reporter on the Kansas City Star and in 1918 he volunteered on the Italian front. in 1922 he wrote his first war correspondent. in Paris he met Ezra Pound. Stein and other american expatriates. in 1925 appared In uor time, a collection of short stories, and the next year The sun also rises. in 1927 pubblished Men without women; in 1929 pubblished A farewell to arms; in 1933 he wrote Winner take nothing and in 1935 pubblished The green hills of Africa. during the Spanish civil war he went to Spain as a war correspondent. the result of this experience was For whom the bell tool. the famous The old man and the sea in 1952 was awarded the Pulitzer Prize and in 1954 he win the Nobel Prize. he died in 1961, at Ketchum, Idaho.

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