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Potreste leggerlo e verificare che non ci siano errori? Grazie :)

Geoffrey Chaucer was born in London in about 1343 into a family who had made money in the wine business. As a teenager he became a page in the household of the one of the King's son. In 1359 he fought in the war in France. During the 1360s, he worked in the King's household and married Philippa, a lady Queen's court and connected to noble families. In 1372-3 he was sent on a diplomatic mission to Italy, where he visited Genoa, Pisa and Florence. He already knew French literature well, but here he got to know the works of the Italian writers Dante, Boccaccio and Petrarch. The influence of Chaucer's travels and contacts with other cultures is significant, and his work is sometimes divide into 3 periods; a French, Italian and English period. In the first period he wrote a French poetic allegory about love, “The romance of the Rose”. In the second period he wrote “Troilus and Criseyde”, a tragic story based on a poem by Boccaccio. The third period is when he wrote “The Canterbury Tales”, a poem of characters who seem very English. From 1389 to 1391 he was in charge of looking after and reparing the buildings of the palace of Westminster, which gave him the right to be buried in Westminster Abbey after his death on 25 October 1400. In 1556 his remains were transferred to a more elaborate tomb.
Chaucer's masterpiece in one of the best-loved collections of stories in English literature. The idea is simple: a group of pilgrims are travelling from London ton Canterbury to visit the tomb of Thomas Becket, who had been murdered in Canterbury Cathedral. The owner of the inn where they spend the night in London before leaving suggests that they each tell 2 stories in the way there and 2 on the way back. As there are 29 pilgrims plus Chaucer himself, that would make 120 stories. But Chaucer never completed his original plan; he only wrote 24 stories, and the pilgrims do not even reach Canterbury. They are taken from all levels of 14th century, except royalty and the very poor, and the stories they tell reflect their social rank and their personalities. So the characters in the stories range from knights and ladies to farm animals, and the tone ranges from serious to comic.
“The Canterbury Tales” is written in an early from English called “Middle English”. Although some writers had written in English before him, Chaucer was the first great English writer who wrote fiction in the English language instead of Latin or French.
Social disorder, wars and disease marked Chaucer's times. During the 57 years of his life there were 3 king of England: Edward III, Richard II, Henry IV who forced Richard II to stop being king. During all of the Chaucer's lifetime there was a war against France, known as the “Hundred Years War”. All the battles took place in France, and England won several, although eventually it lost the war. But many more lives were lost because of the Black Death or plague, a terrible disease that came to Europe from the East in 1347 and arrived in England in 1348. It spread rapidly, carried by black rats. Both rich and and poor were affected, 3 Archbishop of Canterbury died from the plague. The plague came back in 1361-62, when a fifth of the population died. In 1381 there was an unprecedented violent protest by workers in the country. Thousands of them marched on London in the so-called “Peasants Revolts” demanding a reduction in taxes and an end to the medieval practice of agricultural workers being obliged to work for free for the people who owned land. The young king Richard II had to agree to their demands, but later the leaders were captured and killed and Richard did not keep his promises.

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All'inizio vicino alla data togli about.
3 riga togli in vicino a war.
The third period is when he wrote “The Canterbury Tales”, a poem of characters who seems very English. Hai dimenticato la s della terza persona.
All the battles took place in France, and England won several,. Dopo several aggiungerei times
Per il resto non ci sono errori, ben fatto! :)
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