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A particular Italian boy
It is 13th August, 1990. Frank is twenty-two. Linda is tewnty. He arrived in Palermo in 1988. She got him an year later. They were born in Accra, Ghana, but they’re from Konongo, a city two hours away from Accra. Thither they left their first daughter, Rose, who was born on 9th February, 1988. She is safe with her grandparents. Linda and Frank wait the time to settle and go get her.
An obsession softened by an other obsession: a little baby with a frail health, who cry continually in his cot. He isn’t one month old, yet. His name’s Stephan. Stephan Mensah. This name is chosen by his dad Frank, who in the fist months in Italy he found solidarity against a Palermitan lady, Stefania Brai, who helped him a lot.
Frank and Linda never been in Palermo with Stephan. Altready after the birth, Stephan isn’t seem to be health. He don’t eat and he cry like a damned. He seems to be prey of colics and atrocious pains. His parents are very worried for him. So, being very religious, they put a Bible supported Stephan’s cot. But the problem is grave and this isn’t time for miracles.
On 13th August 1990 the sky of Palermo is clear. The day is fantastic and it’s so hot, but baby Stephan is sick. He was born from only 31 days, but something is wrong. At the hospital S.Cristina in Palermo a child with a swollen belly, full of liquid and air, who screams inconsolably. The doctor orders immediatelly a series of X-rays and he diagnose a case of megacolon, grave intestinal malformation that causes the death of infants in the first six months of life if you don’t act quickly with the operation.
That morning there’s a nurse, Angela, too. A second mother, such as all nurses of surgical department. The same day of his arrive, the child is patiented, for saving his life. Operation which will be followed by two other: one for correcting the malformation and another for stabilizing the conditions. Throughout the child’ll stay hospitalized for nine months, from the half of Semptember to the beginning of June 1991. The doctors decide to keep him in the hospital and Stephan was already the mascotte of everyone. Mum and dad work all the day. She works as a housemaid and he work in the building sites. But every minute they are near their little creature. Linda sleeps near him every time is possible, spendig hours and hours to hold his little hand
In December 1991 the staff of the department organizes the Christening in the hospital chapel, with the nurses and with Angela, his godmother. Ever in that month Frank leave Palermo and go to Brescia where he hopes to find work at a foundry with the help of some Ghanaians friends, leaving Linda and Stephan in the apartment of Palermo. Settling he goes back to Palermo for taking his family.
Frank, Linda and Stephan can’t find an house and initially they found a room in a welcome center for immigrants. A room with cut armchairs, beds which creak, televisions dead. An unsustainable condition, which fortunately lasts only a few weeks. Next Mensah family moves in a studio apartment in Bagnolo Mella, a town to fifteen kilometres from Brescia. The house is small, damp noisy and unhealthy, not suitable for a child in the condition of Stephan. His parents tell help to social assistants for an apartment to rent, but there aren’t possibilities. The only altenative is to entrust Stephan to social services, that proposed to Linda and Frank, Nicodemo’s family. This family had already had other children in custody and no one had ever complained them. Furthermore they were a well-off family and they wouldn’t miss anything to Stephan. The solution was perfect.
Nicodemo’s family go in Mensah’s home. In front of that baby the Nicodemo’s get melt, but they are skeptical. The child is little, the family is large and the situation is complicated. But they are kind people and they can’t say not. So the new dad take a toy car and he gives it to Stephan, who take it early. Then Stephan takes new father’s hand and says: “Friend, go!”. Stephan go to start a new life. He seems quiet. This seems him a trip. In Mensah’s house there are only his photos.
With the arrive of Stephan the quiet domesticity just found is already on the scrapheap. The Nicodemo’s have a very large and long hallway. In the corner there’s a sponge ball and Stephan starts to play it and he make his football field. In the garden his favourite play is climbing a tree like a monkey from which it is impossible to take him down. “This is my second home!” he says. But he wasn’t quiet. He felt the gap with his real family. The first night was the worst. The Nicodemo’s couldn’t keep him quiet.
In the next days Stephan immediately shows chronic restlessness, at the limit of hyperactivity. After the first days of nursery school they understand that he can’t be closed in a room so that the teachers had to take him out to vent him. When the school bell rings, he was the only child who went out for playing.
The years pass. At the age of seven Stephan enters in the school football. He was a genius, already saw it. The president of that school see him playing. He is amazed and he says to coach: "How can he play so hard if it is still a child?". The coach is amazed, too. Stephan never played in that way. It’s since that he becomes a baby champion.
In the course of the time, at age of sixteen, Stephan confirms that it is a really champion and with his tenacity can to obtain an audition that leads him to the achievement that he had set himself: playing in Serie A.
Three years pass and he plays holder in his team. In thirty presences he can make twenty goals. However, even if his dream was to play in a great team of Serie A, this wasn’t the team which he cheeed when he was a child.
It was an ordinary day. Stephan’s nineteen. As usual the morning he goes training with his team because he had an important match which would decide who would go in the Champions League. In the evening, stephan goes in the dressing room, he wears the shirt of the team and he goes with his team-mates to play the match. In the first time he remains on the sidelines. He wants to play a lot. In the 46° minute the coach decide to play him. Stephan is nervous and he can’t concentrate. As soon as he takes the ball, he tries to do goal but he sends out the ball. The supporters begin to whistle and they scream: “Go out, nigger!”. Stephan hears them and he suffers. He can’t control himself and he responds to insults. The supporters are in delirium. In that moment the match was Stephan VS supporters. When the match ends, Stephan doesn’t resist and in protes he despises the shirt of his team with a gesture. From there a series of problems begin. He’s kicked off by his team and he’s sent abroad where he begins to play in a strong team of Germany. He stays there for a year, but Stephan misses Italy a lot.
In Germany he does lots of troubles and in fact he is fined many times. He doesn’t want to stay there and he finds to do all for coming back to Italy. Fortunatelly his favourite team is interested to him. He doesn’t believe it, but he accepts early and he flies to Italy. He is welcomed in the best way by the supporters. He’s very happy. Finnaly he had his revenge against of who hated him. In his new team he can do eleven goals in only ten presences. Now he is inserted in the list of the best strikers. His dream is realized and it means that we mustn’t surrender and we must believe in our dreams because they can realize.

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