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The Victorian novel
During the Victorian age for the first time there was a communion of interest and opinions between writers and their readers. One reason for this was the enormous growth in the middle classes who were avid consumers of literature. They borrowed books from circulating libraries and read various periodicals.
this time writers and readers had the same ideas. Writers preferred to write things of interest to readers. There are not many libraries, but libraries that were circulating in the streets to meet readers. For the one who could not buy them, the novels were published to chapters of low cost on the periodical and to induce the reader to keep on buying the periodicals the writers they ended every chapter with scenes of suspense. That of the writer was preferably a masculine work and not female, in fact a lot of women use pseudonyms like that George Eliot that in reality it was Mary Ann Evans.
Women buy more books and read more. and who better than a woman writer could understand the tastes of women?
With the term Victorian novel he intends the novel, and not as some they confuse the history and with the term story he makes reference to the popular novella.
The direction of a realistic exploration of the daily lives and values of women within the family and the community.

It’s possible to divide the Victorian novel in 3 times:
1) the early-Victorian novel, whose main representative was Charles Dickens, dealt with social and humanitarian themes and expressed the ideas of the age. Dickens uses a lot the social and human problems. Infect in the text of David Copperfield Aunt Beth has many tics as that that always cleaned him the ears. The caricatures are taken by the true characters. The characters more to have a strong psychology they are also very funny.
2) the mid-Victorian novel was linked to the persistence of romantic and gothic traditions, and to a psychological vein if we consider the works by the Bronte sisters and Robert L. Stevenson with Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hide.
3) The late-Victorian novels was nearer to the European development of “naturalism French”, an almost scientific look at human behavior, upon which the narrator no longer had power to comment. Author like Thomas Hardy with 'Tess of the d'Urbervilles' and Oscar Wilde with “the picture of Dorian Grey”. In the novels the humble ones are victims of the fate and you/they cannot be rebelled to it
In this period in France is naturalism, with the Duma and Zola while in Italy spread the realism, with Verga and Capuana.

the Victorian comedy

The writers gives a lot of information in brackets to the actors the dramatist becomes the director, especially in the theater.
There were 2 great playwrights in the Victorian age:
- George Bernard Shaw
- Oscar Wilde
After the glories of Shakespeare from the second part of 1600 the theater was run by big players later became theatrical manager that are unlikely to have flop sending new comedies on stage. Preferred to take refuge to avoid failures on plays that had already been a huge success.
New theaters were built, but with seating more limited than the previous Shakespearean theaters.
There were technical innovations, such as the introduction of the lights and the movement of the curtain. The theater was in a position of shadow, was considered of secondary importance. The actors were seen as vagabonds.
The kinds of entertainment that made during the Victorian age were:
- musical with dancers, singers, acrobats and actors
- pantomimes where there were no words
- farce to make people laugh and entertain the public
- Melodrama where there was love, music, emotion and tragedy. Then this will lead to the Opera.
George Bernard Shaw Pygmalion writes. Where a local lord teach us to speak to a florist.
Here are the most common features of Victorian comedy
- Brilliant sparkling dialogue.
- Witty remarks to expose the faults of society
- Caricatures of social types provocative form
- Long detailed stage directions

Aesthetic movement

Aesthetic movement revealed the art in society. Was not popular but elite, left the university in 1837-40 with Gautier in France with the witticism "art for art's sake."
The artist was first put in the service of morality and religion, now becomes independent and autonomous, creates for himself alone without any conditioning. The artists wanted to redeem himself to proclaim their social significance. In France they were called bohemian, living day after day, without rules, they were poor and humble.. After a few years will be born in England the figure of the dandy, an artist who isolates himself more elegant by others (Dorian Gray-Oscar Wilde), the artist is criticized by all. Artists have always been different kinds Bayron. While the romantic artist goes into the woods, in nature, though within the modern creates artificial paradise, fantastic worlds in search of pleasure of any kind, material and spiritual. Is an immo

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Is an immoral is constantly looking for new experiences is unconventional and the search of sin.
A number of features can be distinguished in the works of decadent artists:
- excessive attention to the self
- hedonistic attitude
- perversity in subject matter
- disenchantment with contemporary society
- absence of didactic aim
- evocative use of the language of the senses

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ma nn ho capito che cosa devo fare se è corrergerlo vai su traduttore google lo metti copia e incolla sensza tradurlo lui ti fa vedere gli sbagli spero di esserti stata d aiuto
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