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Vorrei una descrizione del mio animale preferito( cioè il delfino) in inglese grazie :)
vorrei che sia una descrizione non molto scientifica e con termini scientifici....vorrei che sia un testo in cui si parla del motivo x cui ti piace quell'animale e le sue caratteristiche...grazie mille ancora :)
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Scrivicela in italiano, poi ti aiuteremo a tradurre.
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Physical description:
The dolphin fish has bright turquiose, green and yellow patterns, which fade almost immediately upon death. This species may be distinguished from the pompano dolphin by its 55-66 dorsal fin rays, and a very wide and square tooth patch on the tongue.
Biological description:
Dolphin are fast growing, prolific and have a short life span - an average of 5 years. Average fork lengths for males and females ranges from 34 to 55 inches. Males grow faster and usually live longer than females. The spawning season varies with latitiude. Dolphin collected in the Florida Current spawned from November through July, and those collected from the Gulf Stream near North Carolina were reproductively active during June and July. Small females may spawn 240 thousand pelagic eggs, and fish larger than 43 inches may spawn several million. Dolphin are attracted to Sargassum, a floating brown alga, which serves as a hiding place and source of food. Other sources of food associated with the Sargassum include small fish, crabs, and shrimp. Dolphin may also pursue fast -swimming fish, such as flying fish or mackerels. Often man made garbage is entangled in the floating Sargassum, and is consumed by dolphin, which do not recognize the waste as a non-food item. Plastic wrappers, small light bulbs, rope and string have been removed form the stomachs of dolphin.
South Atlantic Federal Regulations
(For areas three-200 miles off the coasts of NC, SC, GA, and East Florida)
The Dolphin Wahoo Fishery Management Plan for the Atlantic was approved in December 2003 and the final rule published on May 27, 2004. In addition to the regulations printed below, publication of the final rule gives effect to NOAA Fisheries’ approval of other portions of the FMP, including: The management unit and designations of stock status criteria for those units; The fishing year of January 1 through December 31; A non-binding 1.5 million pound (or 13 percent of the total harvest) cap on commercial landings; Establishment of a framework procedure by which the SAFMC may modify its management measures; and Designations of essential fish habitat (EFH) and EFH habitat areas of particular concern (EFH-HAPCs). Contact state agencies for information regarding regulatory restrictions for harvest in state waters.


buono studio !
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