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vi pregooo :'(
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-I am Anna, what are you doing?
-I am studying for the task of tomorrow
-ok, last Saturday I saw a beautiful dress by Max & Co, I would like to try it, would you come to the store?
-Yes, it is a good idea, where we have to meet and what time?
-Meet me at the bus stop at 16.15
-ok, see you later, but how far is the store from the bus stop?
-It takes 5 minutes on foot
(in the shop)
Good evening
Good evening, sir?
-I would like the red dress in the window
-What size wearing?
The 42-
-Can I try it?
-Sure, go in the dressing room
(Anna looks in the mirror)
-is very nice how much?
Costa-£ 72
-It is not very cheap, but I'll take it
-Anything else?
The wear-Saturday for the birthday of Kevin
-Who is Kevin?
-My new classmate
-is about 1.70 m tall, lean has oval face, short hair and curly brown hair, you have big blue eyes, a small nose, small mouth and full lips.
-When you come to Italy?
-Last month, he'll be in Italy until July, but I hope you will spend your holidays in Italy because it is very nice
-Oh, it's late I got hungry, how about a sandwich at the bar?

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x favore mettimi come migliore risposta ... grazie :D
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