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Salve a tutti mi servirebbe un aiuto in queste domande perfavore, sono per domani:

il testo è in questa pagina:https://www.skuola.net/forum/lingue-straniere/vi-prego-traduzione-di-questo-brano-29176.html

1-In her speech Millamant paints a picture of a typical upper-class marriage(the type of marriage she rejects) in the second half of the seventeenth century.Was the institution of marriage at that time based on true emotions or social conventions?Support your answer by reffering to the text.

2- Mirabell and Millamant have strong feelings for each othe and decide to marry at the end of the play. In her speech do you think that Millamant is shiwing the selfish,domineering side of the nature,or is she simply being brutally honet with the man she loves?

3-In her speech Millamant makes a list of conditions .Find examples in the text of the following:
-she and her husband should not do together
-she should be free to do
-she should not be obliged to do
her husband should not do
-her husband should do

grazie mille per l'aiuto
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