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  • mi servirebbe un riassunto di richardson proveniente dal libro literary links..

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sulla vita e e poi focus on the text: Clarissa.. non ho molto tempo ecco perchè chiedo qui, spero che mi possiate aiutare ;)

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ehm scusa se non ti ho risposto ma non ci snono stata in questi giorni, comunque mi servirebbe solo features of the novel e può essere anche breve basta che ci siano i concetti importanti grazie mille!

grazie!! mi è servito molto =)
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quanto lungo ti serve questo riassunto ???
una quindicina di righe ti andrebbe bene oppure vuoi di più ???

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ok arrivo
samuel richardson liven in london at he end of 17 century and the start of 18

in his adult life hewas a trader and wrote just two novels both having a woman as a main character and both with strong "moral" [better ethical] teachings and both in the form of an epistulary with all points of view on the same problem explicitly presented
he workwd as a tipographer and as clerk in the british copyright bureau (and it is important to observe that such an institute exists in UK since then )
thenovel clarissa is the tale of a rich girl who flees from her household and family to avoid to be married by the only will of his father , but then her presumed rescuer mugs, drugs and rapes her , and both of them die bad deaths
while is meant to convey to parents the message that they should not abuse their authority and respect the fact that their children are human beings at end , it conveys also the message that you must ever be careful because you never know what is after the corner

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