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Alduzzo - Ominide - 20 Punti

The passions are feelings that have impressive satisfaction. Some like to play sports , others collect objects , and others listening to and playing music , and I love football . I'm a fan of the game more practiced in Italy for a long time now . I follow every game tivvù and as soon as I can I go to the stadium of the city to follow my live my idols .
This passion is the result of the love that my father felt , and still test for football since childhood in fact every Wednesday or Sunday I sat next to him on the couch together to watch the matches on television . Now that they are bigger often I go to the home of friends who share my interest in organizing sessions and meetings in which we follow a game and then comment on the game and the events of the race in progress . Sometimes , considering that my friends cheering for different football teams, we fight bravely on the quality of our respective heroes and their sports performance, only to return to agree on any other matters at the end of the discussion.
My passion for pushing me more , just have a few spare minutes , connect to the internet to browse through various sites and forums that deal with the topic. Here, too, I try to speak my mind and my words are often appreciated by other internet users , considering my level of preparation on the object in question.
But the greatest satisfaction I pick it up when I go on the field to play . The Saturday after school in fact , hairband shirt and shorts and I go to my local public pitch . It does not matter if there are adverse weather conditions , if the week at school has made me more or less tired , that only counts to fifteen o'clock start an endless game of football with my friends . My favorite role is the attacker and I must say , even for admission of my companions, that I manage quite well in that area of the field . Sign a lot of goals and I rejoice for each network emulating the actions of the samples of series A.
It would be nice if one day , that my passion for soccer, also became a source of profit. It would be nice to be a footballer and then the coach of a team in Serie A; whatever happens I will never stop having fun with my friends and to follow this fantastic sport , which offers immense excitement throughout Europe .

super_miry - Ominide - 30 Punti
dovresti rivederlo...
Questo topic è bloccato, non sono ammesse altre risposte.
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