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MI Fate il riassunto di questo testo è per gli ESAMI

One night,an English child called Emmeline was in bed.Her parents went into the bedroom to say goodnight.Emmeline didn't open her eyes,so they thought she was sleeping.Her father said:"What a pity she isn't a boy".Emmeline understoond from his words that in society men were more important that women,although both her parents believed in votes for women.
Many years later,in 1879,Emmeline married Richard Pankurst.She was 20 years old.Emmeline and Richard believed in equality for women.At that time in Britain,women didn't have the same rights as men.They were second class citizens and couldn't vote in national elections.Emmeline and Richard wanted all women to be able to vote.This wrote called universal suffrage.Unfortunately,Richard died suddenly in 1898,but Emmeline was determined to continue fighting for women's rights.In 1903,Emmeline and her daughters started the"Women's social and political Union".The group organised meetings and made speeches.They wrote articles and letters and sent them to newspapers and political leaders.People called the women"suffragettes".In 1905,the suffragettes wanted more publicity,so they became more active.They chained themselves to buildings,including Buckingham Palace, so people could see them.They organised demonstrations,and interrupted political meetings.Some suffragettes were violent.They attacked politicians and started fires.In 1913,a suffragette ran in front of the King's horse during a horse race and died.People were very shocked.The police arrested Emmeline many times.In 1912,she went to prison 12 times.In prison,she often went on hunger strike(she didn't eat).Other suffragettes went on hunger strike,too.In 1914,the First World War bagan.Britain needed new workers,becaouse a lot of men were at war.For the first time women did jobs that were traditionally for men.For example they worked in factories and they became mechanics.In 1918,after the war,the government changed the voting laws.Some women over 30 years old could vote,but there where restrictions.This was an important victory,but many women still couldn't vote so the battle continued.Finally,in 1928,the British government gave equal voting rights to men and women.Everybody over the age of 21 could vote.Sadly,Emmeline Pankhurst died thet year...but she died knowing that women could finally vote.

Questo è il brano da fare il riassunto,vi prego fatemelo proprio in questi giorni sono affetto da varicella quindi molte grazie a chi melo farà <3

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Non vorrei essere indiscreto: hai detto di avere la varicella ma tutta 'sta roba l'hai scritta ugualmente, quando avresti potuto, invece, fare il riassunto.
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HO fatto copia incolla non l'ho scritta ti prego fammela
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Ciao, ti scrivo un esempio di possibile inizio del riassunto, prova a finirlo tu poi magari lo correggiamo insieme.

"The fight for women rights in Britain started at the end of the 18th century by a woman called Emmeline. Since the day she overheard her father saying he’d hoped she was a boy, although his father was all but a sexist, she had wanted all women to be equal to men, and to be able to vote. In 1879, Emmeline married Richard Pankurst who, with her, was advocating “universal suffrage” or the extension of the right to vote to women. After the death of her husband, in 1989, Emmeline...."
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