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  • mi date una mano in inglese per favore..!!

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Geo orange
Geo orange - Ominide - 48 Punti
mi date una mano in inglese per favore..!!
Imagine you have been on an interesting journey. Tell your partner about the journey. Say:
1- where you went and which means of transport you used
2- how long you went for and the reason for your journey
3- what you did during your stay there
grazie !!! :thx
marilù92 - Erectus - 126 Punti
Hello! I have to tell you the wonderful journey that I've been this summer.
I went to Barcelona
I left on July 18 and I stayed there for seven days, until July 24.
I chose this trip because there are my relatives and I promised that I would come.
It was a wonderful experience.
I have done so much shopping, and I visited extraordinary museums and huge water parks.
I met many new boys and girls, and I visited Spain in general.
I used many means of transport during this trip.
I used the car, then I took the air, and reached my destination, I used the taxi and bus ...
During this wonderful week, I always took the subway and I was also on the cableway.

Spero di averti aiutata per quello che ho potuto!

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ehi! scusa al posto di "air" utilizza plane...
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