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kinds of business
private sector firms are owned by individuals and not by the state.
the firms can be small or large, owned by one person or by thousands of people.

most businesses in the private sector are run by sole traders. also known as sole proprietors, they are most common type of business in Britain.
the essentials for a sole proprietor are: the permission to trade in an area, registration to pat VAT.
a partnership is a business which is owned and run by small number of people.
there are two kinds of partnerships: general partnership also known as unlimited partnerships, and limited liability partnersh
general partnerships is where all partners are jointly, severely and unlimitedly liable for the debts and obligations of the partnership.
a limited liability partnerships is new form of business ownership established by the limited liability partnerships act which was passed in 2000.
the limited liability partnersh indicates that only one is legally liable. limited partenrs share the profits.
formation of a partnerships
partnerships are easily formed
the partenrs usually draw up a deed of partnerships setting out the key details.
it is also called a partnerships agreement and states:
- the names of the partners
- the armonunt of capital contributed by each partner
-how the profits will be shared
-each partner's responsibilites
-methods of settling only disputes.

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