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Mi spiegate sinteticamente "Lord Randal"???? :beatin
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The ballad opens with two people speaking.There is no precise reference to where and when the conversation is taking place,maybe in a castle at late afternoon since the man has just come back from hunting.The story can be divided in two parts:Part 1(ll 1 to 24) which,through its progressive hints at the wood,the meeting,the food,the animals and their death constitutes the previous events like some has poisoned Lord Randal,and Part " which provides an implicit solution and contains the so-called oral testament,a device typical of the folk ballad.
the ballad is divide into quatrains divided into 2 parts,a question and an answer.
Like most ballads,this one has two climaxes which introduce two moments of surprise(line 21 and last stanza).
Another traditional ballad device is the repetition of vocatives and the incremental repetition.
The rhythm of the ballad is emphasized by the use of alliteration(in this ballad the sounds M and W.
The language,as usual,is immediate and impersonal.

spero vadi bn!:=)
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