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Vorrei sapere se ci sono degli errori in questa lettera :

my name is Susana, I am 13 years old and I live with my family in a big house in Rome.

(Presenta la tua famiglia). I have a sister (or a brother), Veronica, who is three years older (younger) than me (or: who is 16 years old). I love her so much. Have you got any siblings? My mother, Emma, is a teacher and my dad, Marco, is an employee. I also live with my white cat, Kitty (or other colors: black, brown…). I like animals and I love her (solitamente gli animali domestici prendono il pronome del sesso al quale appartengono ma se la vostra insegnante dovesse considerarlo errore usate il neutrale: it) very much.

(Parla del tuo aspetto fisico). I am quite tall for my age (or: I’m not very tall), I’ve got very long, blonde hair and brown eyes. I am attaching a picture of myself so that you can see what I look like.

(Parla dei tuoi interessi). I am a nice person and I like reading books and comics (playing volleyball, football… puoi aggiungere in questo campo se hai una squadra preferita: “My favourite team is…). In my spare time I like listening to music. What do you usually do in your spare time?

(Parla della tua scuola) I am attending Regina Margherita's school. My classmates are really nice. I like studying Arts, Music and English, but I am not very good at Maths (ovviamente puoi sostituire i nomi delle materie). What are your favourite subjects?

That is all for the moment.

Please write back to me as soon as you can and tell me everything about you. I cannot / can't wait to receive your answers to my questions.

Love from, Susanna

L'ho trovata su internet

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Sposto e Chiudo.
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