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Dollytamtam - Ominide - 48 Punti
Compito di inglese. Fare una lettera (in inglese) con il titolo MY DREAM HOLIDAY e non so cosa scrivere . Help me please.
Burdella - Sapiens Sapiens - 822 Punti
My dream holiday location would be Hawaii. The reason for my choice is that there isn't another place in the world which is as exotic and as beautiful as the Hawaiian Islands.

The air in the Hawaiian islands is fresh and filled with aura of florals. It energizes the tourist beyond measure. The ocean surrounding the island adds to the beauty. The waters are warm and tranquil and they don't fail to refresh any visitor. The islands are so rich blessed with natural beauty. It is simply breathtaking. It renews a person.

I do not think one can find a place as beautiful, as refreshing and as exotic as the six beautiful Hawaiian Islands.
The Hawaiian islands have the world's most active volcano
. And the world's tallest sea mountain is also found in Hawaii. I would like to see these wonders of nature. Other than the natural beauty a lot of activities are also a major attraction for me. I would love to see, or may be even learn the hula. Hawaii is the youngest state of the United States. But what attracts me most to Hawaii is its most unique feature of its Aloha Spirit.
There are six major islands in Hawaii namely,: Kauai
, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, and Hawaii's Big island. I would like to visit all of them…. Maybe someday...
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