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lettera sulla cameretta in inglese
hakunamatata - Sapiens Sapiens - 1405 Punti

hi james, how are you? i hope everything is okay.. i want to tell you about my new bedroom.
well it is colored blue and cream and it's big:i have a double bed(even if it isn't necessary), i have also a sofa in the middle of the room and in the front of the sofa there is a television, i also have a bedside table beside the bed.. they are posters on the wall of famous footballers. i also have a bookshelf where i keep my schooltest. i like my room because it's very comfortable and in my room i can almost do everything i want.
bye bye
loves from .....

tiscali - Tutor - 23107 Punti
Hi Paul

Here it's ok thank you for you letter too..
I'm so funny because I've a new beautiful room that I like so much and now I describe it. It's bigger than the room I had before. I bought a new television and put near the windows, while the bed is on the corner of the room; walls are sky-blue, so beautiful, on the floor there is a nice carpet (moquette), and the cabined has been moved near the door. I've also put a table where I can use my computer, make homeworks and read books, like a sort of little office in short and it's at the center of the room. Probably I put another bed because sometimes I invite my friend to sleep at my house so I leaved a little bit of space for it. If you come here you will see my room :):)

All the best. Byeee
i4g0 - Erectus - 66 Punti
hi Pincopallinojoe,
finally, after this long time, you're coming to visit me. i'm a bit nervous but I want to describe to you my room fist, to prepare you LOL. It is quite big so I really love it, then there is my very confortable bed and next there is my desk with the computer and all my books. then there is my gigantic wardrobe where there's a shelf with the tv and the playstation. in front of the bed there's also a big window through which passes the sun in the morning, it's really nice in the morning when I wake up. well...I said it all, I hope you'll arrive as fast as you can. hugs my friend. byebye
sissi95 - Sapiens - 612 Punti

Dear Elizabeth,
How are you?Thank you for your letter!Well, I will try to describe my bedroom, although it's a little bit difficult because it's a bit chaotic.
The first thing you notice when you enter in my room is that is very disorganized. There's no order, I can say that everything has its place in the middle of chaos.To begin, the door lock is broken. When you finally enter at the room, you can see on the left side of a wall built in wardrobes. There's where I keep all my clothes. The desk is long and narrow, and it has got many drawers. Above the desk there are a lot of things for example a lamp, a mini cactus (which is the only plant I've gotten to keep alive), many magazines, papers, pencils, pens ... In theory, the desk should be a place to study and to do the homework, but I never do it because there's no space. On the other side of the wall there is a library full of books. There are many books that I have had since I was a child because I've never wanted to throw them. Also there is where I keep my notes of the highschool and all the things I don't know where to put them. There are also some stuffed animals, and I would say what's my favourite but I can't. Then there's my bed. It's metallic and black, nothing special. I use it to hang things wich I don't know where to put, like hats, scarves, belts ... On the bed there are two very comfortable pillows, although I'd like to have many more. Beside the bed there's a bedside table with a lamp and many more things. That's where I put the cell that I use as a clock all the mornings.
And I can only say that a little further down there's the mini hi-fi, which I use to listen to music and you can also watch TV. There's also the electric guitar with amplifier, so important to me.And what about you?
Write me soon,

Spero che ti piaccia! Ciauuuuuuuuuuuuu =)

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