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ciao a tutti...devo inventare una lettera in inglese: sei sato recentemente in un concerto. Scrivi una lettera ad un tuo amico\a parlandogli del concerto: 1)breve introduzione
2)parlare del concerto; di dove ha avuto luogo
3)dare informazioni riguardo la performance( reazioni proprie e del pubblico)
potete aiutarmiiiiii......grazieeeeeee
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Dear Luca

First of all how are you? I hope fine :) Here everything is ok. In this letter I'd like to say you how was the concert where I've been last week. A great show given us by ACDC, my favourite rockband in the world. This concert has been set in a stadium, precisely at "Estadio Santiago Bernabeu" in Madrid. I never imaginated a similar thing, it was something unbelievable. They have shown a great cleverness, but especially a big charge, that in a concert is particularly important. They started the concert with the song "Shoot to thrill", one of my favourites. The concert has been divided in two parts, where in the first they sang their old Cd's, while in the second they presented last productions, and during the concert, sometimes, they entertained public with funny jokes (battute). Energy and dynamism are what that characterized their performance, the public was delirious and applauded. It has been something special, that I liked so much. I advise everyone to go to the concerts because is an experience of life but especially it gives you emotions that something else doesn't give.

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