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Raga devo inventare una lettera di 120-180 parole.Posso scegliere fra queste 2 tracce:
1)Last week your collegues at the office threw a surprise party to celebrate your promotion.Write a letter to a friend telling him/her about the party.
2)You have been on holiday abroad for a week.Write a letter to your parents describing your holiday so far.

Una delle 2.Grazie a tutti quelli che mi aiuteranno !!!
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Dear mum and dad!!!
I was so pleaed to receive your letter and to hear that you're well and happy and I'm sorry I haven't written for a long time but I'v been very busy lately, anyway, I've been thinking about you a lot!
So, I want to tell you about the wonderful holiday I planned six months ago!!!I enjoyed myself immensly!London is the biggest city in England and also, the most expensive! But it's wonderful..We decided to spend the days sightseeing and having a fun! We admired westiminister Abbey with it's dozens of monuments to england's illustrious dead, big ben, Piccadilly circus, buckingham palace...and others interesting landmarks!We staied in a nice hotel, the service was quite good and their rates were very reasonable! We met other guys and we organized drives, football games and I'll always remember those days.
So, these words are just a small token of my appeciation for all you have done for me.
Give my love to Ben
your loving son

se è tr corta, si possono aggiungere altre cose! pero chiede 180 words al max!

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