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trama in inglese "La Principessa e il ranocchio"
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A love story set in 1926 on the banks of the Mississippi to New Orleans .
Tiana is a child of color daughter of a seamstress Eudora ( Baggi Angiola ), which manufactures clothes for her friend Tiana, Charlotte, the daughter of Eli "Big Daddy" the Bouff ( Paul Marquess ), a rich gentleman of the place. One evening Eudora law to the girls of the frog prince fairy tale: Charlotte says enthusiastically that even kiss 100 frogs to become a princess, while the other girl seems to be disgusted by the idea. She shares the dream of his father James to open his own restaurant. Tiana is growing, and the father dies before the dream is realized.
She firmly believes in this dream, and works day and night (literally) to accumulate enough money with which to rent a room. Meanwhile, the Prince Naveen 's Maldonia arrives in town on board a ship, followed by the footman Lawrence, looking for women and jazz, his passions, to travel to Villa La Bouff where there will be a masked ball. But he runs into a voodoo magician, the Dr. Facilier , also known as the Thin Man, which to repay the debts with the friends of ' beyond the frog turns into a convincing Lawrence takes on the appearance of Naveen telling him to avenge years of humiliation. The plan would be to transform Lawrence in Prince Naveen, thanks to a talisman containing the blood of the prince, married Charlotte and take the fortune of Great Dad The Bouff half (60/40). At Villa La Bouff Tiana distributes puff when it receives the visit of real estate agents, informing you that the room will be sold to the highest bidder. Tiana, disappointed, stumbles and accidentally gets on with the cream puffs and Charlotte makes her wear a princess costume. Naveen, who escaped to the two abductors, he meets by chance on the terrace of the Villa Tiana LaBouff. The girl, who had prayed the evening star to realize his dream, he surprised seeing that in return receive only a frog. They asked her to kiss her and in return will grant a wish, because his family is so rich. Tiana is convinced and kisses him. Here, however, the unexpected happens: it is Naveen to again become a man, but Tiana to turn into a frog .
Tiana, in fact, not a princess dress that she wore only a costume for the party, had tricked the naive prince. Angry, Tiana Naveen is launched and during the fight against the two fall out the window and upset the party with balloons and then fly away into the swamp, where they will meet some nice friend, like the ' alligator Louis ( Pino teach ) that plays trumpet (he learned along the boats crossing the river) and the firefly Ray ( Luca Laurenti ), in love with Stella della Sera, called "Evangeline" from him. Together, they will make a trip through the bayou , to reach Mama Odie, a voodoo witch who should be able to return to normal Tiana Naveen. During the trip, the two fall in love. After finding Mama Odie, they discover that to return human, Naveen will kiss Charlotte (a princess) by the end of Mardi Gras .
During the festival, is confined by Naveen Facilier, while Lawrence is about to marry Charlotte. Tiana, having learned from Ray that Naveen wanted to ask her to marry him, see Lawrence become Naveen and believes that it is really him. So run away, while Ray is the real Naveen and free. After being released, Naveen tries to stop the ceremony. He succeeds, but is again caught by Lawrence. But with the help of Ray, Naveen can take away the voodoo amulet. Ray runs away, chased by the bad shadows, aides Facilier. Ray reaches Tiana giving her the amulet and told her to run away while he deals with the shadows. Initially, the beats, but is then attacked by Facilier that crushes it. At that point, get Louis who tries to help a friend in need. Tiana, pursued by shadows bad is going to break the charm, but is stopped by Facilier, which reverts to human and causes the restaurant to Tiana.
Tiana Facilier promises to give her restaurant if she returned the amulet, but she may fall and throws the amulet trying to break, but failed. With a stroke of luck, however, unable to recover and destroy Tiana Facilier and is dragged in the afterlife. Then running by Naveen about to kiss Charlotte. Interrupts them, telling him she loves him. At that point, it's too late, it's already midnight, so the kiss of Charlotte has no effect. Soon after, he returned with Louis Ray dying. Tiana and Naveen, say to Ray that will stay together, but frogs. Soon after, Ray died. At the funeral, a star turn: is Ray, who now can really be with Evangeline. Tiana and Naveen marry and when they kiss, the two human back, because now is a princess Tiana. After marriage, the two give the money to two men in the restaurant and open it together. Louis entertains the audience, while Tiana and Naveen are directors.
Now the dream of Tiana, it's really true.
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There was once a handsome young prince who had the misfortune to offend a wicked fairy. To avenge herself she turned him into an ugly frog and put him into a well.

Now it happened that the well was in the courtyard of a king's palace and on fine days, when the sun shone warmly, the king's youngest daughter sometimes came there to amuse herself by tossing a golden ball high into the air and catching it as it fell. The poor frog watched her running to and fro in the sunshine. He thought she was the prettiest princess he had ever seen.

One day, the princess threw the ball up so high that when she stretched out her hand to catch it the ball bounced on the stones and fell with a splash into the water. She ran to the edge of the well and gazed down. But the golden ball had sunk far, far out of sight. Only a little ring of bubbles showed her where it had disappeared. She began to cry bitterly.

The frog popped his head out of the water. "Don't cry, Princess!" he said.

"What will you give me if I bring your ball from the bottom of the well?"

"Oh, I will give you anything I have," replied the princess. "My pretty pearls, my diamonds—even my crown. Only please bring my ball back to me!"

"I do not want your pearls or your diamonds or your crown," said the frog. "But if you will promise to love me, and let me eat from your plate, and drink out of your cup, and sleep on your bed, I will bring your ball safely back to you."

And the princess promised. For she said to herself, "What a silly frog! As if he could ever get out of the well and walk all the way to the palace! He will never find me."

The frog dove to the bottom of the well and presently came up with the golden ball in his mouth.

The princess had no sooner snatched it from him than she forgot all about her promise and ran back to the palace laughing with joy.

The next day, as she sat at dinner with the king and his courtiers, something came flopping up the great staircase—flip flap, flip flap!

And a voice said:

"From the deep and mossy well,

Little princess, where I dwell,

When you wept in grief and pain

I brought your golden ball again."

The princess dropped her spoon with a clatter on her plate, for she knew it was the frog who had come to claim her promise.

"What is the matter, daughter?" asked the king. "There is someone knocking at the door and your rosy cheeks are quite pale."

Then the princess had to tell her father all that had happened the day before how she had dropped her golden ball into the well, and how the frog had brought it up for her, and of the promises she had given him.

The king frowned and said, "People who make promises must keep them. Open the door and let the frog come in."

The princess opened the door very unwillingly and the poor frog hopped into the room, looking up into her face with his ugly little eyes.

"Lift me up beside you," he cried, "that I may eat from your plate and drink out of your cup." The princess did as he asked her and was obliged to finish her dinner with the frog beside her, for the king sat by to see that she fulfilled her promise. When they had finished, the frog said, "I have had enough to eat. Now I am tired. Take me up and lay me on your pillow, that I may go to sleep."

Then the princess began to cry. It was so dreadful to think that an ugly frog, all cold and damp from the well, should sleep in her pretty white bed.

But her father frowned again and said, "People who make promises must keep them. He gave you back your golden ball and you must do as he asks."

So the princess picked the frog up between her thumb and finger, not touching him more than she could help, and carried him upstairs and put him on the pillow on her bed. There he slept all night long. As soon as it was light he jumped up, hopped downstairs, and went out of the palace.

Now, thought the princess, he is gone and I shall be troubled with him no more.

But she was mistaken, for when night came again she heard tapping at the door of her bedroom. When she opened it, the frog came in and slept upon her pillow as before until the morning broke. The third night he did the same. But when the princess awoke the following morning, she was astonished to see, instead of the frog, a handsome prince standing at the head of her bed. He was gazing at her with the most beautiful eyes that ever were seen.

He told her that he had been enchanted by a wicked fairy, who had changed him into the form of a frog, in which he was fated to remain until a princess let him sleep upon her bed for three nights.

"You," said the prince, "have broken this cruel spell and now I have nothing to wish for but that you should go with me to my father's kingdom, where I will marry you and love you as long as you live."

The princess took him to her father and he gave his consent for them to marry. As they spoke a splendid carriage drove up with eight beautiful horses decked with plumes of feathers and golden harness. Behind rode the prince's servant, who had bewailed the misfortune of his dear master so long and so bitterly that his heart had almost burst. Then all set out full of joy for the prince's kingdom. There they arrived safely and lived happily ever after.
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