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ki mi puo tradurre questo dialogo'

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Amar:what's the matter with Rob, Rebecca? he looks really miserable
Rebecca:i don't know, but i don't think he and Emily are together any more.
Amar:oh! that's a shame. they're both so nice.
Rebecca:yes, but they're totally different if you think about it.Emily's outgoing and really optimistic. she's a really good laugh!
Amar: And what's rob like? i don't know him very well.
Rebecca:well, he's very quiet and probably a bit too sensitive for Emily. I don't know. Sometimes he's a bit shy and insicure, i suppose.
Amar:well, what have they got in common? what does rob like doing?
Rebecca: he likes animals, obviously, and he likes music and watching films.
Amar:And what about Emily? What does she like?
Rebecca:well, that's the problem. She likes the cinema and music,too, but she doesn't like the same types of film and she's into completely different music.
Amar: well, maybe it's for the best then.
Rebecca:hmm. Anyway, let's see if we can cheer him up a bit.let's take him out for a pizza tonight.
Amar:good idea!
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