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ciao ragazzi, mi servirebbe un aiuto... sapreste rispondere in modo molto breve e conciso a queste domande???

what is the aim of a written constitution??
in what way does the British Parliament reflect different political opinions??

grazie in anticipo

ps: è molto urgente!!!

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A written constitution was an essential feature of the government created by the Founding Fathers. The term "constitution" refers to the nature or manner in which a society is organized and the principles by which governmental powers are distributed. It is the fundamental law of a nation, and may be a single document, as in the United States, or the totality of basic legislation, as in England. The Founders preferred a written constitution, founded in the authority of the people, in order more surely to limit the power of the governors and protect the rights of the governed.
x l'altra domanda ti consiglio qst sito

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