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federica.guidone.1 - Erectus - 50 Punti
hi i'm tom and i want to tell you about my holiday. three years ago my family and i .............(to go) to the usa for our summer holiday. we .... (fly) from heat to LA and..... (hire) a car. While we..... (stay) in LA. we... (see) the universal studios and ..... (go) to dysneyland. then we ..... (drive) up the famous 101 highway up the big sur coast to san francisco. WE ..... (RIDE) ON THE TRAM CARS AND ...... ( TO EAT) DELICIOUS SEAFOOD IN CHINATOWN. IN THE GRAND CANYON WE...... (GO) UP IN A SMALL PLANE THAN ....... (FLY) RIGHT INTO A CAMION. WHILE I ......... (TAKE) THE RIDE I ...... (THINK) IT ..... (BE) GO AND STAY WITH MY AUNCLE AND MY AUNT AND THEY..... (TAKE) US WHALE WATCHING. WE ..... (HAVE) SUCH A TERRIFC TIME. GRAZIE DAVVERO DI CUORE A CHI ME LO FA! <3

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mi sono scordata bisogna iserire i verbi questo eserci<zio lo preso dall'unita relativa al past simple e continuos
Suzy90 - Moderatore - 9413 Punti
Il past simple si usa per un'azione fatta e finita conclusa nel passato; il past continuous per un'azione progressiva nel passato. Per cui:
- went
- hired
- were staying
- saw
- went
- drove
Prova a terminarli tu! ;)
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