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1)_______at school yesterday? is Mike/mike was/was

2)We___________in Sardinia two years ago. were/went/was

3)What time do you usually_______up? get/got/getting

4)It's______expensive hotel in the city. most/the most/the more.

5)Jill was born _____15th April. in/on/at

6)Rome is old,but Athons is________. older/oldest/as old as

7)I didn't answers the phone: I_________ a bath. was having/had/were having.

8)When I was in Paris I a lot of museums. have visited/visited/'m visiting.

9)Mark is_____than me at maths. gooder/better/more good.

10)How_________to Bond Street. I got/I get/ do I get

11) Paul is English,but he__________from London come/doesn't comes/came

12)What's mike_______in this photo? do/have/doing

13)Would you______some tea. like/to like/liked.

14)We often_______to the disco on Sunday. go/have/doing

15)When_________to get married? are you going/you going/do you

16)When___you born? did/were/are

17)________your your father working at the moment? are/is/does

18)I__________Mary at the party yesterday. didn't sow/didn't see/don't see.

19)Turn right__________the traff is lights. at/in/between.

20)English isn't as difficult_________Chinese. as/of/than

21)The school is_________the park. between/in/next to.

22)_________bag is this? It's Linda's. which/whose/what

23)Some people feel________in spring than in happy as/more happy/happier.

24)We________in London yesterday. have arrived/are arrived/arrived.

25)This is the______book I've ever read. baddest/worse/arrived

26)Whan I__________nine years old I______a cat was....have/was...had/had.....had

27)________your mother buy a new car last year? did/have/has

28)I_________sleep very well last night. can't/have to/cauldn't

29)________help me whit the homework? can you/you can /you can't
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1. Mike was
2. We went
3. get up?
4. the most
5. on
6. older
7. was having
8. have visited
9. better
10. do I get
11. comes
12. doing
13. like
14. go
15. are you going to
16. were
17. Is
18. didn't see
19. at
20. As
21. next to
22. Whose
23. happier
24. Arrived
25. worse
26. was - had
27. Did
28. couldn't
29. Can you
marika121 - Ominide - 33 Punti
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