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ho bisogno di una trduzione di questo testo inglese:(in italiano ovviamente):

Children have always been caught up in warfare and the trauma of exposure to violence and brutal death has emotionally affected generations of young people for the rest of their lives.
Recent developments in warefare however have significately heightned the dangers for children, this is not really new because for centuries children have been involved in military campaigns: as child ratings on warships, or as drummer boys on the battlefields of Europe.
In 1945 Adolf Hitler called 12-year-old boys from Hitlerjungend to the colours, to fight in defence of Berlin. They had to jump on the enemies tanks and threw hand-bombs through the slits.
What is freightening nowadays is the escalation in the use of children under 16 as fighters.
There are a few reasons for this. First of all, the phenomenon has been increasing so much because the nature of the conflict has changed: nowadays the wars fought are prevently the ethnic, religious and nationalist one: children are seen as enemies just as the rest of the people they belong to.
Secondly, many current disputes have lasted a generation or more, and long-drawn-out conflicts requires more and more soldiers day by day: in this sense, children become a valued resource.
Besides being able to use lethal weapons, children have other advantages as soldiers. They are easier to intimidate and they do as they are told. They are also less likely than adults to run away and they do not demand salaries.
Sometimes child soldiers are used to “clear mines”, it means that they are sent ahead along a suspicious territory and when they survive, these fighters remain disabled for the whole life.
Some people think that the war education is all inside our society; the “civilised” countries are not excluded in the use of minor soldiers: the negative record is Great Britain’s: there are almost 4500 boys younger than 15 involved in military activities.
But we have also to speak about the several organisations concentrated on providing social rehabilitation assistance to children. In Croatia and in Bosnia a grassroots organisation called Suncrocket has been working with children in refugee camps. The Suncrocket volunteers play with the children, organise basic school lessons and try to re-create the family atmosphere that the children lost when they were displaced by the war

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