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carlotty97 - Sapiens - 399 Punti
Combine the sentences using non-defining relative clauses
1 Eyeliner is often born by goths .Ihate it .
2 He wears beads in his hair.They're made of painted wood.
3 That ring is gold.It was a present from Mick.
4 There's a great skateboard park in town.They sometimes have competitions there.
5 Ryan likes heavy metal miusic.He's got tattoos.
6 Kelly's chain was a present from her mum.It's very expensive
{Zahra} - Eliminato - 11669 Punti
1. I hate the eyeliner which is often worn by goths.
2. He wears beads, which are made of painted wood, in his hair.
3. That ring, which was a present from Mark, is gold.
4. There's a great skateboard park in town, where they sometimes have competitions.
5. Ryan likes heavy music of which he's got many tattoos.
6. Kelly's chain, which was very expensive, was a present from her mum.
Lucart98 - Ominide - 9 Punti
7. Thank you very much
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