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1 Complite the interview with the correct passive form of the verb in bracketes .
The junior competition_______________________(hold) every year in May. The competition _____________________________ (start) five years ago,and since then, many winners ___________________________________ (give) jobs in the fashion industry.Teen Fashion magazine talked to organiser Martha Ricks.
TF Who _____________________ (the/designs/produce) by for the competition?
MR They ________________________ (make) by students aged 14-18.
The competition is very popular, and last year ,over 4,000 designs __________________(recive).
TF How_________________________ (the winners /choose)?
2 Rewrite the sentences with the words in brackets.Use reflexive pronouns ,each other or have/get something done.
1 Rick and I had a big figth.(we/hit)
2 Nobody dyed my hair for me.(I/do)
3 The man in the shop repaired my bike.(I/fix)
4 Toby's just cut his hand.(he /hurt)
5 They aren't friends.(they/not/like)
6 They do my hair in that shop.(I/cut)

{Zahra} - Eliminato - 11669 Punti
Es. 1.
is held
was started
were given
were the designs produced by
were made
were received
were the winners chosen

Es. 2.
1. We hit each other.
2. I did my hair myself.
3. I just got my bike fixed.
4. He's just hurt his hand.
5. They don't like each other.
6. I get my hair cut in that shop.
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