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Raga per favore non so come fare non ho il libro perkè il cartolaio ankora nn ci è arrivato e quindi nn so fare questa cosa in inglese. mi aiutare per favore?

'Find expressions 1-5 . Who says them?

Match them with expressions a-e.

1 guy

2 What about him?

3 That's weird!

4 Shut .!J.p!

5 So wbat? e

a Be quiet!

b I don't think it's important.

c teenage boy or man

d very strange

e What do you want to say about him?

Read the dialogues. Fill in the
spaces with the underlined words

in Exercise 10 a.

linda: ... Shut up Peter!

You say really stupid things.

Peter: OK, sorry, Don't be angry.

2 Susan: Do you know Ken Tayìor?

Karen: Yes. He's in my class.

He's anice !

3 Rob: Our dog likes sleeping in the bath.

Judith: That's !

4 Tom: You like playing football?

But vou're a giri!

Gina: ? l Why can't

a girl play football?

5 Mike: Is that Claire, the new girl in your class?

Monica: Yes her?

Mike: I think she's John Cooper's sister

Dovrei fare il 2 esercizio entro stasera perchè sono per domani. Mi potreste aiutare per favore? grazie 1000 anticipatamente
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"Fill in the spaces with the underlined words in Exercise 10 a."

dove sono le parole sottolineate?
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