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Salve a tutti :hi
Avrei bisogno di una piccola biografia, in inglese, di Charles Dickens e un riassunto della trama di Oliver Twist.
Frequento il secondo anno di Liceo Classico, dunque mi servirebbero dei testi brevi e ben comprensibili (non un inglese troppo "difficile" ) .
Conoscete dei siti dove sono riportati?
Purtroppo facendo una ricerca nel web ho trovato soltanto biografie e trame molto lunghe, che dovrei mettermi a tradurre per intero per poi riassumerle.
Ringrazio anticipatamente per l'aiuto :)
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Oliver Twist is born in a workhouse in a provincial town. His mother has been found very sick in the street, and she gives birth to Oliver just before she dies. Oliver is raised under the care of Mrs. Mann and the beadle Mr. Bumble in the workhouse. When it falls to Oliver’s lot to ask for more food on behalf of all the starving children in the workhouse, he is trashed, and then apprenticed to an undertaker, Mr. Sowerberry. Another apprentice of Mr. Sowerberry’s, Noah Claypole insults Oliver’s dead mother and the small and frail Oliver attacks him. However, Oliver is punished severely, and he runs away to London. Here he is picked up by Jack Dawkins or the Artful Dodger as he is called. The Artful Dodger is a member of the Jew Fagin’s gang of boys. Fagin has trained the boys to become pickpockets. The Artful Dodger takes Oliver to Fagin’s den in the London slums, and Oliver, who innocently does not understand that he is among criminals, becomes one of Fagin’s boys.
When Oliver is sent out with The Artful Dodger and another boy on a pickpocket expedition Oliver is so shocked when he realizes what is going on that he and not the two other boys are caught. Fortunately, the victim of the thieves, the old benevolent gentleman, Mr. Brownlow rescues Oliver from arrest and brings him to his house, where the housekeeper, Mrs. Bedwin nurses him back to life after he had fallen sick, and for the first time in his life he is happy.
However, with the help of the brutal murderer Bill Sikes and the prostitute Nancy Fagin kidnaps Oliver. Fagin is prompted to do this by the mysterious Mr. Monks. Oliver is taken along on a burglary expedition in the country. The thieves are discovered in the house of Mrs. Maylie and her adopted niece, Rose, and Oliver is shot and wounded. Sikes escapes. Rose and Mrs. Maylie nurse the wounded Oliver. When he tells them his story they believe him, and he settles with them. While living with Rose and Mrs. Maylie Oliver one day sees Fagin and Monks looking at him in through a window. Nancy discovers that Monks is plotting against Oliver for some reason, bribing Fagin to corrupt his innocence. Nancy also learns that there is some kind of connection between Rose and Oliver; but after having told Rose’s adviser and friend Dr. Losberne about it on the steps of London Bridge, she is discovered by Noah Claypole, who in the meantime has become a member of Fagin’s gang, and Sykes murders her. On his frantic flight away from the crime Sykes accidentally and dramatically hangs himself. Fagin and the rest of the gang are arrested. Fagin is executed after Oliver has visited him in the condemned cell in Newgate Prison. The Artful Dodger is transported after a court scene in which he eloquently defends himself and his class.
Monks’ plot against Oliver is disclosed by Mr. Brownlow. Monks is Oliver’s half-brother seeking all of the inheritance for himself. Oliver’s father’s will states that he will leave money to Oliver on the condition that his reputation is clean. Oliver’s dead mother and Rose were sisters. Monks receives his share of the inheritance and goes away to America. He dies in prison there, and Oliver is adopted by Mr. Brownlow.([url=]tratto da qui[/url])

qui ne trovi un'altro più approfondito di riassunto: [url=]clicca[/url]

la vita di Dickens la trovi qui:

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Ok, grazie :hi
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Charles Dickens
The writer of the compromise
Charles Dickens was born in Portsmouth, on the south coast of England, in 1812. He had an unhappy childhood since his father was imprisoned for debt. Charles was put to work in a factory. When his father was released , Dickens was sent to a school in London. At fifteen , he found employment as an office boy at an attorney’s , and studied shorthand at night. By 1832 he had become a very successful shorthand reporter of Parliamentary debates in the House of Commons, and began to work as a reporter for a newspaper. In 1833 his first story appeared and in 1836, still a newspaper reporter, he adopted the pen name Boz, publishing Sketches by boy, a collection of articles describing London people and scenes written for the periodical “Monthly Magazine”. It was immediately followed by The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club, which was published in instalments and revealed Dickens’s humoristic and satirical qualities. After the success of Pickwick, Dickens started a full-time career as a novelist although he continued his journalistic and editorial activities. The most important novels are Oliver twist, Nicholas Nickleby, Martin Chuzzlewit and A Christmas Carol. The protagonists of his autobiographical novels, Oliver Twist(1838), David Copperfield(1849-50) and Little Dorrit(1857) became the symbols o fan exploited childhood confronted with the grim and bitter realities of slums and factories. Other works include Bleak House(1853),Hard Times(1854)and Great Expectations(1860-61),dealing with social issues, such as the conditions of the poor and the working class in general. He spent his last years living readings of his own work in England, Scotland, and Ireland, until he died in London in 1870. He was buried at Westminster Abbey.
Dickens shifted the social frontiers of the novel: the 18th-century realistic upper middle-class word was replaced by that of the lower orders. He created caricatures, trying to arouse the reader’s interest by describing the characters, habits, and language of the middle and lower classes in modern London, like lodging-house keepers, shopkeepers, petty tradesmen, whose social peculiarities, vanity and ambition he ridiculed freely, though without sarcasm. He was always on the side of the poor, the outcast, and also the working class.
A didactic aim
Children are often the most important characters in Dickens’s novels. Dickens makes children the moral teachers instead of the taught, the examples instead of the imitators. The novelist’s ability lay both in making his readers love his children, and putting them forward as models of the way people ought to behave towards one another. Dickens’s task was never to induce the most wronged and suffering to rebel, or even encourage discontent, but to get the common intelligence of the country, in all its different classes alike, to alleviate undeniable sufferings.
Dickens’s narrative
Dickens was first and foremost a storyteller. His novels were influenced by the Bible, fairy tales, fables, and nursery rhymes, by the 18th-century novelists and essayists, and by Gothic novels. His plots are well-planned even if at times they sound a bit artificial,sentimental, and episodic. Certainly the conditions of publication in monthly or weekly instalments discouraged unified plotting and created pressure on Dickens to conform to the public taste. London was the setting of most of his novels. He was aware of the spiritual and material corruption of present-day reality under the impact of industrialism. In fact, in his mature works Dickens succeeded in drawing popular attention to public abuses, evils and wrongs by mingling terrible descriptions of London
misery and crime with the most amusing sketches of the town.

Riassunto trama Oliver Twist.

te ne ho trovati 2: scegli te
Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist was born in a Workhouse, a place where all the poor people goes to have some food and help. His mother died after have looked at him for the first time.
When he was 9 he’ve been sold to an undertaker for 5 pounds. The undertaker liked Oliver but his wife hated him. Soon, Oliver ran away and went to London.
In that city he knew Dawkin, who introduced him in a gang of thieves, kept by Fagin. The thieves took a handkerchief of a man named Bronlow and ran away. Oliver couldn’t escape and was arrested by a policeman. Bronlow didn’t make him arrest and took him to his house. But for a Fagin’s order Bill Sykes and Nancy took back the boy.
Oliver took part of a group robbery, but they couldn’t steal anything and Oliver was injured by a gun shot: he returned to the house of the people they wanted to steal at and Maylie and her nephew Rose healed him. Fagin was searching for Oliver with Monks’ help who seems to hate Oliver paricularly.
Nancy sad to Mrs Maylie that Sykes would kill Oliver, but Bill understood what she’ve done and kill her. The thieve was chased by a large crowd of people and escaping but when he was on the roof he slipped and fell, the loop he made to escape caught round his neck and he died. Mr Bronlow made Fagin and his gang arrest, he talked with Monks and understood he was Oliver’s brother. Their father would leave them the money and Monks tried to kill Oliver to have more money. Beside Rose Maylie was Oliver’s aunt and they adopted him.



In the workhouse of a provincial town seventy?five miles north of London a young woman who has arrived in an exhausted condition gives birth to a boy, and dies. The child is named OLIVER TWIST and put into the workhouse orphanage, presided over by the ill-natured Mrs. Corney. When he is nine, the beadle, BUMBLE, transfers him to the workhouse itself and he is set to picking oakum. When Oliver is chosen as the speaker for the other half?starved boys and asks for more of the gruel that is their staple fare, the authorities decide it is time to put him to a trade.
He becomes apprenticed to SOWERBERRY, an undertaker, his small frame and delicate appearance making him suitable for acting as a mute at children's funerals. But when NOAH CLAYPOLE, anther apprentice, insults his dead mother, Oliver attacks him and is cruelly punished by the Sowerberrys. He runs away to London, and in Barnet meets with a boy thief, Jack Dawkins, 'THE ARTFUL DODGER', a member of a pickpocket gang run by FAGIN, a Jew. Fagin decides to use the uncomprehending Oliver, whom he instructs in the picking of pockets, and sends him out with the Dodger and another boy, Charley Bates. Oliver is horrified to see them pick the pocket of an old gentleman, MR. BROWNLOW, at a bookstall, runs away, and is captured and taken before a magistrate; but the bookstall?keeper has seen the true robbers and exculpates Oliver.

Oliver is taken to Mr. BrownIow's house in Pentonville, where the housekeeper, MRS. BEDWIN, nurses him through an illness. He is treated with kindness and affection for the first time in his life, and is happy. But Fagin plots to recapture him, for while the boy is free his secrets are in danger. He engages BILL SIKES, a brutal robber, and NANCY, his mistress, also a member of the gang, to bring Oliver back.
Their stratagem is successful, and Sikes takes Oliver by night to Chertsey to carry out a robbery on the house of a MRS. AUYLIE. When the alarm is given Sikes takes fright and escapes, and Oliver is shot and wounded. Mrs. Maylie and her adopted niece, ROSE, take him in, listen to his story, and believe it. He settles with them, becoming a household favourite.
Rose is suddenly stricken with a serious illness. Mrs. Maylie's son, HARRY MAYLIE, arrives and on her recovery begs her to marry him. She refuses because she is nameless, having been adopted from a baby-farm by Mrs. Maylie. During his idyllic life with the Maylies Oliver catches glimpses of MONKS, a sinister man who is in league with Fagin to recapture him. In Fagin's den they lay plots to do this; but Nancy overhearing them and feeling compassion for the child, tells Rose about the conspiracy, without giving away the gang. Rose and her adviser, Dr. Losberne, promise Nancy that if Monks is brought to justice Fagin and Sikes shall not be in any danger of arrest.

Fagin has set NOAH CLAYPOLE, now his tool, to follow Nancy and spy on her as she meets Rose and Mr. BrownIow on the steps of London Bridge. He reports the conversation to Fagin, who repeats it to Sikes. Sikes, maddened by Nancy's supposed treachery, rushes back to his own room, awakens her from sleep and clubs her to death.
He takes flight into the country north of London, driven from piace to place by fear and conscience. Then, feeling that London is after all the safest piace in which to conceal himself, he returns to bis old haunts. He has been followed by bis ill treated but faithful dog, BulIseye, and has attempted to drown it, but it has escaped and returns to the gang's headquarters. Sikes arrives there to be greeted with horror and loathing by those of the gang who have escaped a police raid in which Fagin and Noah Claybole have been arrested. Charley Bates gives the alarm; Sieks attempts to escape across the roofs in order to drop into Folly Ditch below, but falls with a rope round bis neck and hangs himself.

The dog, which has followed its brutal master even to this pint, leaps for the dead man's shoulders and falls to death below.
Fagin is executed, appealing to Oliver in the condemned cell to save him. The Dodger is transported, Charley Bates sees the errors of bis ways and becomes a reformed character, and Noah Claypole escapes justice by turning King's evidence.
Mr. BrownIow, to whom Oliver has now been restored, unravels the plot against Oliver. Monks, otherwise Edward Leeford, is Oliver's half?brother, their father having seduced and promised marriage to AGNES, Oliver's mother, while still married to Leeford's mother. The provisions of the father's will leave money to Oliver on condition that he maintains a spotless reputation, and for this reason Monks has tried to keep the boy in Fagin's gang in order to discredit him and inherit the full sum himself. It is now discovered that Oliver's dead mother and Rose Malie were sisters, and that Rose is, after all, legitimate.

Monks receives his share of the legacy, goes to America, and dies there in prison. Mr. and Mrs. Bumble (for the pompous Beadle has married the orphanage matron) are proved to have been in the piot against Oliver, lose their positions of trust, and become workhouse inmates. Oliver is adopted by Mr. BrownIow, and Rose marries Harry Maylie, who for her sake bas given up a promising political career to become a country clergyman, in whose church a memorial is raised to Oliver's mother, Agnes.

Questo è tutto quello ke ti ho trovato....
Decide te
Spero d esserti stata d aiuto!!!
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Sì, molto, grazie mille :hi
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