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basandovi su questo testo, mi dite cosa potete e cosa non potete fare e cosa ne pensate? deve essere scritto in inglese, Grazie
My name's Tim Franks and I'm sixteen years old. I live near Cambridge and I'm definitely on a different wavelenght to my parents. They are far too strict, especially my dad. I'm not allowed to do anything! I can't go out during the week at all. I can go out on Saturday and Sunday nights, but I have to be home by midnight.
Midnight! Most clubs open at eleven o'clock, so it's not worth it. And it's embarrassing! I'm sixteen , so I can legally leave school soon, find a job and get married, but I have to be home at midnight! I'm allowed to go to friends' parties and stay late, but only if my parents know their parents. As for having parties at home or friendds round, forget it!
I agree with some of my parents' rules. For example, I can't smoke or drink alcohol, but that's fine because I don't want to. I can also use the phone and surf in internet when I like. Mind you, my dad often complains that I'm on the phone fort too long.
My younger brother, Alan, has more freedom that me. He's only twelve and he goes put twice during the week. And he goes out his friends at the weekend. It just isn't fair!
One good thing is that I can go on holiday with my friends in the summer holidays, after my exames. I can't wait for the summer- I'll be free at lat! The rest of the year I feel like a prisoner!

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