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kaur01 - Ominide - 2 Punti
devo scrivere una lettera (almeno un pagina e mezza) contro i bambino soldati in inglese xfavore mi potete aiutare please. deve essere in inglese
Marcoh._ - Sapiens - 472 Punti
servirebbe prima una bozza, il nostro compito è solo di correggerla e/o arricchirla!
juventina1992 - Genius - 7849 Punti

Child soldiers have always been used/exploited by the rich in war actions and was asleep with drugs in order to interact in a battle without their surrender while girls are often used for sexual purposes but also for cooking, place explosives, open the road to the army on the minefield because they can be more easily replaced, must not be paid and don't stand up. This phenomenon is especially prevalent in Africa, Asia and South America, but it's illegal and there's also a penalty by the International Criminal Court. It's said that some boys join as volunteers in this case the reasons may be different: for the most part they do it to survive, because there's half the hunger or the need for protection. For boys who survive the war, the consequences are serious: physically (states of malnutrition, skin and respiratory diseases and sexual problems, as AIDS), psychological (sense of panic and nightmares) and social (the difficulty of entering back into the family and often resume their studies). The girls, after being in the army, cannot marry and become prostitutes.
I think that this is a cruelty made by heartless men and with the sole purpose to get rich without thinking about the future of poor children. But then what good use children there were plenty of men willing to fight? It was, is and will always be a world full of mystery that of the rich who take advantage of the poor without the awareness and consciousness of their responsabilities and without thinking that what they did to the children could have been done to them or their children (and not I think that would be left defenseless!).

Spero possa esserti d'aiuto.
By Angelica ;)



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