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Read the passage and complete it with the correct tense active or passive of the verbs given in brackets. " the tea bush (to grow) first in the hot wet mountainous regions of the Eastern Himalayas. It (to eat) and (to drink) by tribal groups in this area. Over two thousand years ago it (to use) as a medicine. In the 13th century it (to spread) to Japan and by the 15th century it (to become) a central part of japanese life. Tea (to reach) the West in the 16th century, but it only (to begin) ...... (To import) in any quantity from the middle of the 17th century. Its importation (to take) off from the 1720s when the direct trade to China (to establish) by the duch and British. In Britain tea (to become) the central drink. By the later 18th century it (to drink) throughout Britain and by all social groups. As the British Empire (to grow) it (to re-export) and (become) the favourite drink of the white empire. tea originally (grow) wild. When it (to domesticate) it (to treat) as a peasant product. The leaves (to pink,dry,roll and crush). The labourers on the tea estates (to suffer) enormously. But the system was so efficient that it (destroy) the Chinese tea export trade by 1900.

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Ti scrivo solo i verbi, in ordine:

is grown
is eaten
is drunk
was used
began to be imported
took off
was established
was drunk
was domesticated
was treated
were pinked, dried, rolled and crushed
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