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Ragazzi mi serve urgentemente il vostro aiuto per favore.
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1. I've got lots of homework today
2. We haven't got much milk in the fridge
3. I watch a lot of films
4. I don't do much exercise
5. I don't know many people
6. How many languages do you speak.

1. How many DVDs have you got?
2. How much money have you got with you?
3. How many students are there in your class?
4.How much homework do you get?
5. How much fruit do you eat?

1. I don't eat enough fruit
2. He eats too many sweets
3.Richard isn't fit enough
4.I'm not going out tonight. I've got too much homework.
5. I haven't got enough money for a coffee
6.There are too many underweight teenagers nowadays.

hamlah - Sapiens - 478 Punti
Grazie mille!!! :)
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