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Gulliver's travel was published in1726, it consists in four books that tell the adventures of Lemuel Gulliver.

In the first book he shipwrecked off the island of Lilliput.
The inhabitants are called Lilliputians and they are only six inches high.
Gulliver learn thei language, their traditions and he gains the favor of the king.
There's a conflict between Lilliput an Blefuscu.
The matter of this conflict was "How to break ang egg".
Blefuscu want to break the eggs in the larger end.
Lilliput want to break the eggs in the smaller end.
A day a Blefusce cut his finger, breaking the egg and so he issue a law that allowed to break the egg in the larger end.
This story is recounted by the secretary of Lilliputians Reldresal to Gulliver.
The recount is about the disput.
When saw Gulliver, Lilliputians' army arround him on the floor because they were scared.
They try to chain him and to immobilize him.
They are very smaller and Gulliver was very shocking because nobosy else is different in shape, arms, from us.
He was a monster for the Lilliputians.
They think that Gulliver was very usefull to break eggs, so he could help them (for the lilliputians).
But Gulliver didn't want to interfer because it is a very absurd disput. Nobosy says what is the right way to break an egg.
The meaning is: sometimes there are usefull conflict between people.

In the second book he sail fors India and he landed on the island of Brobdingnag.
The inhabitants are the giants and they are high 12 times more than Gulliver.
Gulliver was very smart and they are not idea to be giants, according to them they're normals.
They used Gulliver as a performer, as an actor.
The meaning is: the giants are monsters, they have a lots of defects in the body but they're good, they have a good personality.
Gulliver is very small but he is cruel: ha is sold to the queen and he she's a very good queen: gulliver has some discussions about english parlement, political situation in Europe and he is very proud but the queen was very horrified about rationality of gulliver.

IN the third book he flies on Laputa and the inhabitants are absent minds, astronomers, scientists who made strange experiments.
Laputa is very distant from the Earth.
They're always thinking, they had a stranger face: one eye is direct to the earth and the other one is direct to the sky.
They're always thinking about music, numbers, rules....etc...
They wanted to take out light from vegetables.
They are not autonoms: they work together with another man, the servant who had a sleak.
The meaning is: sometimes scientists spend their time in absurd experiments. Science could be very dangerous: it breaks natural rules.
Then he visited another two islands:
- Glubbdubdrib: the name is difficult to pronunce and it means "magicians".
The inhabitants of this islandwere ghosts, for example the ghost of Alezander The Great, Richard III.
Ghosts can give life to famous people. Gulliver discovered that they weren't good people as we think nowadays.
The meaning is: wa have to judge carefully history.
- Luggnagg: the inhabitants were sad and unhappy people because they were immortal. They lived their life from 0 to 20 years then they start to get old and to be sad.

In the 4 book, Gulliver was shipwrecked in a land.
The inhabitants are wise horses: there were black horses and white horses.
They are animal in the shape, but are human in thought, ideas...
The were usefull to ride them, to carry a very heave lugguge, but horses could speak, they had a ruler, they were very smart.
Yahoos are humans but are animals in ideas.
They have a passions for diamonds. The yahoos were like Gulliver. He explains the difference between them and him and horses explain him that the only difference was that he was a bit more civilizing.
The meaning is: sometimes we think that we are tho only creatures, we don't believe in other realities: animals can give us something.

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