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MicheleV - Eliminato - 1 Punti
Devo fare 5 frasi con past simple continuos perfect(ogni frase deve contenere tutti e 3 i verbi) e 5 con present simple continuos perfect.Spero riusciate a darmi una mano.Grazie
Ali Q
Ali Q - Mito - 23941 Punti

Intanto ti ho scritto te le frasi al presente.
1) simple present
2) present continous;
3) Present perfect.

Ecco le frasi:
1)Do you remember that guy who's talking to Paul? We've met him at Laurie's birthday party yesterday.
2) I like this new book I'm reading: I've never been so interested in an adventure tale before.
3) What are you doing? I've told you to clean up your room, but you never listen to me!
4) Have you noticed Sheila's brand new sporty car? She's swa excited about it that I bet she's showing it to everybody.
5) Bob and I don't get along lately and yesterday he has shouted at me: usually he treats fine, but now he's different. I don't Know what's happening to him.

Quelle al passato vedo di mandartele più tardi, va bene?

Aggiunto 17 minuti più tardi:

Ecco le frasi al passato.
1) simple past
2) past continous;
3) past perfect.

Ecco le frasi:
1) Last night I saw through the window a burglar that was stealing in our neighbours' house. I was up because I had gone to the kitchen to get a glass of water.
2) As I was telling you yesterstay, Sarah had never seen the snow until her parents took her to Aspen last winter.
3) Katie was standing alone in front of the market store when I came to her to say hello. I had had the feeling she was a little sad.
4) When we entered the room, we were all a little nervous. They had told us not to make noise, and we were trying to do as we had been told.
5) I had heard all the lesson at school, but I hadn't understood much: the teacher was talking about uncomprehensible things! So, after the lesson, I raised my hand to make some questions.

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